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Looking to Upgrade Your Gear in Destiny?

Right, I take it if you still own Destiny and are still farming for Helium filaments and so on, you're in this game world for the long haul! You've dedicated hours of your life to tearing apart other guardians in the Crucible and lost you sanity over and over again in The Vault of Glass and when those inevitable expansions come along you'll be sure to download them.

While I unfortunately can't help you get through the latter area, I thought I'd combine gamer's discoveries into this article to help make finding the items you need to level up a lot easier (you may be feeling like the guardian in the picture above at some stage)! Destiny may not be the most rewarding game in the world in terms of narrative or gaming community options, but I still find myself playing for hours on end attempting to find more Light to see that level go up and up!

Getting to Level 30 and Finding Light

This seems like an insurmountable task in Destiny, with IGN having only recently uploaded their video saying they've reached the game's level cap. It appears that this requires hours upon hours of effective grinding in both the Crucible and the Vanguard playlists. But there are also daily and weekly changes and events you need to be aware of and also that certain new options are available to you on the weekend! All of the following will give you a hand in finding items with Light!


The Crucible

Through the spending of Crucible Marks in The Tower, a form of currency obtained through some Crucible Modes, including Rumble, you get to purchase Legendary Gear. This gear will be far superior to anything else you can find that is rare. Also, if you happen to find a helmet say, and its light says 13 and you are wearing a levelled up helmet with 14 light, you should drop the level 14 one in order to start levelling up the new gear which has the potential to reach level 15 or higher.

Control, Clash, Rumble and Skirmish all earn you equal amounts of Crucible Marks and Reputation: 2-3 marks depending on losing or achieving victory, and 10 reputation no matter if you win or lose. You can only earn 100 marks per week.

The Vanguard and Strikes

Weekly Strikes. These are strikes that are played at a high level and with mission modifiers (they increase the difficulty of a particular mission by changing variables and appear as skulls in the difficulty selection of a mission) for rare rewards.

Also, don't waste your time playing lower difficulty Strikes, if you're level 24 and you can take part in the level 24 strike playlist in Vanguard, just do them! These Strikes earn you 3 Vanguard Marks, 150 Vanguard reputation and 3 Strange Coins which are used to purchase gear from a vendor who only appears on weekends. Let's talk about him.

Xur is a vendor in The Tower who only appears in random locations on weekends. He sells Legendary gear in exchange for strange coins which you've probably noticed you've been collecting. Wander round the Tower this weekend and you'll find him!

Plus 21 Light!!!
Plus 21 Light!!!

Nightfall Strike. The Weekly Nightfall Strike is the same as the Weekly Heroic Strike, but upped to level 28 and with many mission modifiers including Heroic and Nightfall. Possible rewards for completing this Strike include Legendary or Exotic equipment, Strange Coins or 7-12 Ascendant Material.

From completing strikes in the Vanguard you will receive Vanguard marks, which can be collected to purchase new upgrades in the Tower. You can only earn 100 marks a week, keep note of that if you keep playing them, you're not earning extra marks.

The Vault of Glass Raid

This is renowned as the best way for you to be able to get legendary gear in Destiny, it's also the most punishing thing that Bungie has ever created. Players have said that this raid has taken them anywhere between 3 to 13 hours to complete!!

Therefore, you can expect some great rewards. It resides on Venus and the raid starts when three players stand inside the three sync plates at the same time while holding off the pursuing enemies. Therefore, split the raid groups into 3 groups of 2 and know that you really won't be any help on this raid unless you're over level 25.

The Vault of Glass
The Vault of Glass

Ascendent Energy & Ascendent Shards

Public Events. Public Events are random online encounters that occur when playing Story Missions, Strikes and Patrols, and are evident by the obvious darkening of the skies and a noticeable noise. Obtaining Gold Tier (i.e. completing the event fully) in Public Events have a chance of providing Ascendant Energy, Ascendant Shards or Strange Coins, as well as providing Vanguard Marks.

Daily Heroic Stories. Daily Heroic Stories are special events which unlock daily for post-game players. They become available after reaching Level 20, and offer special Vanguard Rewards. They are more difficult versions of Story Missions with modifiers to increase the challenge. These Strikes earn you 5 Vanguard marks for use in purchasing Legendary gear from Tower Vendors, as well as a random (usually rare or above) Engram. Note that you can only earn 100 Vanguard marks in a given week.

The Daily Heroic Stories can be played with the difficulty at level 22, 26 or 28. The level 26 and 28 versions will provide 1 and 2 Ascendant Crafting Materials respectively (Shards or Energy).

Loot Cave Farming

Check out these videos below here to see how the Cosmodrome and other locations can help you farm some great materials to help level up your legendary gear and weapons! The first three are for farming of Engrams!

This one below is my personal favourite, it's quick, easy and still not patched!

Also this one is helpful for your helium filaments! A great route to run, I did it only yesterday and worked perfectly!

Strange coins and Ascendant Charms can be found below!!

I wish you all endless luck out there Guardians and hope you reach Level 30 with ease!!


For those level 20 and over what level are you at now in destiny?


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