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I don't know about you, but when it comes to getting scared by a Halloween prank, it really comes down to the surprise factor for me. If I see it coming, I can usually avoid freaking out. Prankster Ed Bassmaster took that element of surprise and really ran with it.

He comes at you with the scarecrow outfit, and of course, in this 21st century age we live in, the first thing you think of doing is pulling out your camera for a selfie, duh! (Don't mind the fact that the blood on his shirt should have tipped these people off a bit)

But then, he rips off the head and freaks out every single one of his victims by unveiling a zombie head and uttering, "braaaaains."

My favorite part is this dude:

He was not even close to feeling this, holding a skateboard threateningly while saying "Brains? Yeah, you better back that up." He then adds, "Ain't nobody runnin' from that!"

But that's where he's wrong. There was plenty of running.

Like here.

Or there.

Yup, there are plenty of people "runnin' from it." Must mean it was a good prank.

I'd DEFINITELY be running. Would you be scared if this happened to you out on the street?

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