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Last week was about getting everyone out of Terminus alive, leaving no time for everyone to deal with the repercussions of them all joining up together for the first time since the prison. This episode focused on the aftermath and all the juicy problems that come along with them all reuniting. We’ve seen all the things these characters have been through, but they are only now getting the chance to talk things out and move forward. That means the show needs to walk a delicate balance as we don’t want to see too much of them retreading past events, but it also isn’t realistic that they totally ignore their issues. These are supposed to be real people and even if they are the survivors people still have problems with each other, it’s human nature. The fact that Maggie openly accepts Tara who seem to be BFFS with her husband is nice of her if not a bit odd. Also strange is that Carol and Tyreese are avoiding talking about exactly what happened to the girls. The opening moments merely confirmed that they are still keeping some secrets from each other.

It was nice to meet the Father Gabriel even if he was screaming like a little girl and literally cornered him into a position where he wouldn’t get out well. Since the beginning of the show we haven’t had many characters that believed in faith. With the loss of Herschel that entirely went out of the window. Gabriel brings a very different dynamic to the group. He’s a man of non-violence who is starkly against harming those things, but doesn’t seem to condemn those who do. The most interesting thing about it all was how everyone reacted to Gabriel. Some seemed at ease with his presence, while those like Rick couldn’t trust them.

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