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Birdman tells the story of Riggan Thomas. (Michael Keaton) He’s a washed-up actor who was once at the top of his career playing the iconic superhero, Birdman. He wants to make a comeback by starring in a broadway play which is also an attempt to show the world that he is more than just some guy in the Birdman suit. It involves a personal battle with his ego and whether or not he can grow beyond the guy who playing the superhero Birdman.

This is one of those small movies that’s not only a great film in terms of acting, writing, and direction, but it’s also great in a technical sense. The way this film is shot is the same way Alfred Hitchcock shot his first color film Rope in 1948. The film plays out as one continuous long take, but it’s actually several long takes brilliantly edited together to appear as one shot. With the technology we have today it’s easier to hide the takes than it was in 1948. This makes it harder for an audience member to tell when a take begins or ends.

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