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So lately there's been a lot of talk about Captain America 3 being the first flame to ignite leading into Marvel's Civil War. There are others who completely disagree with Marvel doing the Civil War story line and simply going with the Infinity Gauntlet story. I for one believe that [Thor 3](movie:956858) will be the final ignition that completely puts the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe in flames with either story line. I have come up with two theories for either story taking course because of the events that Thor 3 will have which i believe to be massive. I will start with the Infinity Gauntlet story line.

The Infinity Gauntlet In Asgard
The Infinity Gauntlet In Asgard

We already know the Infinity Gauntlet is in Asgard after it was slightly hinted in Thor in a brief cameo. It would make a lot of sense for Thanos to have to come and retrieve the Infinity Gauntlet and the space stone from Asgard and what a better moment to do this then Ragnarok. Thanos will use Loki to create this apocalypse so he can come in and take the infinity gauntlet and space stone or send someone in to get it for him. This is what leads to Thanos finally being able to come down to Earth as everything will come full circle for [The Avengers 3](movie:738027). Then theres another theory on how Thor 3 could be the final ignition to the Civil War for Avengers 3

Everything Will Be Full Circle Soon
Everything Will Be Full Circle Soon

My other theory is in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) we will see Ultron create a replica of the Avengers but will only have time to create one and that is Thor which will be used to aid Ultron after Vision abandons him. The people seeing Thor cause destruction along side Ultron will be a leading cause as to why the people will have a distrust against our heroes. Even after Ultron is defeated we could still see the Thor clone in the end and have Loki take him back to Asgard to begin riling up the people to wage war on Earth him being disguised as Odin and having Thor by his side the people will believe it. Imagine having a Thor clone come to cause all this destruction on Earth after the events from Ultron there's no way people wont want our heroes to be under surveillance. This Civil War story line will ignite after Age Of Ultron and Captain America 3 and Thor 3 will be the big ignitions before it all bursts into flame in Avengers 3. I know there still might be some loopholes in this theory im still materializing it in my head but just something i thought of and wanted to share. What do you believe were headed into for Avengers 3? Civil war? Infinity Gauntlet? Secret Wars? Let me know in the comments!


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