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If you've been watching or reading about the return of The Walking Dead, you'll notice that something is off about Andrew Lincoln's appearance.. he's missing his gnarly beard. So, what happened to it?

The correct answer as to what happened to the glorious facial hair that formerly graced Andrew Lincoln's face is that it now resides in Norman Reedus' refrigerator. This is 100% fact, you can see proof on Norman's Instagram.

"Close up. Yup. . In tha fridge."

I suppose the real question is why did he get rid of it? Was Rick Grimes killed off? Did he find a razor in this post-apocalyptic world and decide to do a little grooming? Or should we be looking forward to some extended flashbacks later this season requiring a freshly shaven Rick?

My vote is for flashbacks. I feel that the executives over at The Walking Dead would not allow Andrew to shave his beard if his character were killed off because that seems to be too much of a give away and although I suppose it's possible that they could stumble across a razor on one of their runs, I find it very difficult to believe that Rick would find shaving much of a priority. Therefore, I believe that we will be seeing some flashbacks to either pre-apocalyptic life or very early after the apocalypse, especially since Morgan makes an appearance after the credits of episode one this season.

Who knows? Maybe the real reason behind Andrew's beardlessness is that they get Eugene to Washington, he ends the apocalypse, and they get to start life over in a new world where the undead isn't trying to eat you (they've already renewed the show for a sixth season, so don't get worked up, I'm sure this is not the case).

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What do you think happens to Rick's facial hair?


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