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If you thought the slate of DC movie and TV vehicles that were dropped over the last few weeks was crowded, you better buy a crowbar for your schedule, because there's more to come.

Today (10/21/14) Warner Bros.'s recently created digital platform team, Blue Ribbon Content, dropped a big ol' list of DC and animated projects they're planning to bring to various digital outlets. Among that list was a Saturday Morning WB fav among Millennials: Static Shock, but as a live-action series.

With the vision of writing team Dwayne McDuffie and Robert L. Washington III put into ink by artist John Paul Leon, the character, originally known as 'Static,' first appeared in his own mag in June of '93 and was part of the Milestone Comics line, a sub of DC.

When Milestone folded, he was resurrected 3 years later as 'Static Shock' on television for the WB's Saturday morning block of hero-worship. Brought to the tube in September of 2000, the series lasted four seasons, with virtually every animated DC series at the time getting guest shots with Static... from jumpstarting the Watchtower with the Justice League, to battling Toyman alongside of the Big Red S. He even zipped into the future and teamed up with Terry McGinnis aka Batman Beyond.

Static 2070
Static 2070

After the show was cancelled, he went on for stints in the regular DC universe and the Teen Titans, beginning in 2008. He was returned to his own title after the Flashpoint event.

The full description from the press release shows that there are some powerful Hollywood types helming Virgil O. Hawkins' return:

“Static Shock” — Live-action series from Reginald Hudlin (producer of “Django Unchained,” writer-director of “House Party,” and exec producer-director of TV series “The Bernie Mac Show”) features African-American super hero Static, a.k.a. Virgil Ovid Hawkins. “Static Shock” is based on the “Static” comic co-created by the late Dwayne McDuffie with co-writer Robert L. Washington III and artist John Paul Leon, originally published by DC Comics imprint Milestone Comics. Milestone Media co-founder and comic book artist-TV producer Denys Cowan (who was behind the original “Static Shock” animated series) is collaborating with Hudlin on the new series.

No word yet on what digital platform the series will use, or when it will debut.

Watch the premiere episode of the WB's Static Shock


Also included in the announcement was the debut of Justice League: Gods And Monsters Chronicles, a highly anticipated Bruce Timm project that will premiere next year on Machinima:

Set to debut on Machinima in 2015, series is based on “Justice League: Gods & Monsters,” an original animated film executive produced by Timm and co-produced by Burnett that will be released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment later in 2015.

An untitled Mortal Kombat series is in the works for April of 2015.


What do you think of the return of Static Shock in a live-action series?


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