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EDIT: In order to enter the contest, you must submit your ideas in an article as a Contributor

Just like how SAW is coming back into theaters, I'm coming back with another prize package giveaway that is just too good! And also just for you wonderful contributors, Moviepilot!

So, let's get to the goodies, shall we?!

Here's what you could be winning:

  • 5 Brand New Series of Collectable SAW Posters (Final Poster + 4 Mini Posters)
  • SAW Sticker
  • SAW 2 T-Shirt
  • SAW 2 Key Chain
  • SAW 3 Postcard
  • SAW 3D Bracelet

Here's what we'll need from you (no Jigsaw contraptions necessary):

The most creative article about SAW tagged with 'Contest'

Sounds pretty simple, right? Feel free to express your creativity in anyway that you'd like to, here's some examples to get you thinking:

  • Your favorite scenes from SAW
  • A list of your favorite SAW contraptions and deaths
  • Why the first SAW will always be better than the rest!

Whatever you like, we'd love to see you share it on our site with our fans.

We'll be announcing the winner on none other than October 31st (if you didn't know...that's Halloween). Only articles that are submitted by CONTRIBUTORS that are tagged with 'Contest' will be entered in.

Comment with your articles below so we don't miss it!

Wondering how you begin writing articles on our site? Check us out here:

Join us as a contributor!

Good luck everyone!

What it feels like to be a contributor!
What it feels like to be a contributor!

In honor of SAW's 10th anniversary Lionsgate is actually bringing this iconic film back in to theaters. I'm not sure about you, but I need to re-watch it during the time of the Halloween season, it wouldn't be the same without it.

Make sure to catch it in theaters, it'll only be there for ONE week!

*Entries are agreements that you have read our Terms and Conditions


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