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Over the weekend, a trailer for the new action-horror (I'd call it a horror, it's fairly horrific to be fair) Hatred was released, and by no surprise, has caused a bit of a shit-storm.

The trailer follows a nameless lunatic who is fed up with this world and embarks on a brutal killing spree of absolutely anyone he can find; men, women, police, civilians and who knows, possibly children & animals and go out in a blaze of glory. Unlike games like [Grand Theft Auto](movie:749804), where your crazy massacring side is purely optional, this seems to be the one and only goal of this game, which I imagine after awhile will get rather boring... But will annoyingly get complaints from the very same people who go on killing sprees in GTA.

I love me a bit of video game violence, but this seems like it's taking it to a whole new level; but I guess to say NEW would be wrong, because this has already been done 17 years ago with the controversial PC shooter, Postal.

In this we follow "Postal Dude" who "Goes Postal" after being evicted and decides to massacre his home town. While this was relatively tame and about as violent as the early [Grand Theft Auto](movie:749804) games (Postal being a try-hard copy), this was definitely a very controversial game for it's time. Despite the fact this being the same format, Hatred will be reigned upon with criticism because the violence can be depicted FAR more realistically than this cartoonish stuff.

As you can see it's fairly shite... It's sequel however, REALLY upped the ante and went from a type of PTSD crazy shooter, to an ultra-offensive, gore soaked, "satirical", shoot 'em up. Postal 2 followed in Rockstar's footsteps again by going 3d after the release of the masterful Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Only instead of being littered with homages to 80's classic films and subtle, tongue in cheek humour, Postal 2 decided to just go full blown crazy and litter it with kitten violence, pissing on everything, homophobia and racism.

It was like GTA without the class. Again I'm all for dark, tongue in cheek, really offensive comedy; but when it's so obvious and trying too hard to be shocking and offensive and not creative, it's just fucking annoying! Sure it's fun for what it is, but it'll never be remembered like GTA.

What's interesting to me about Hatred, is that it seems a lot like the popular Uwe Boll film, Rampage. Uwe is quite a character and often known for his absolutely dismal video game adaptations, but in terms of making his own original films, he has done some rather good ones! Rampage being his best and even spawned a sequel this year. It follows a man named Bill who has been treated like shit one too many times and decides to build himself a suit of armour and go on a killing spree. It's a surprisingly well made and highly entertaining action film that's worth checking out. It really flew under the radar too, but it seems a bit less cynical than Hatred.

What's funny as well is that Uwe Boll actually adapted Postal 2 into a film... which was a monumental pile of dog shit. He decided to ditch most of the explicit and horrible violence, but keep everything else and add more atrocious comedy. It may as well have been another one of them "Movie" films, ie. Epic Movie, Disaster Movie etc. It's just weirdly relevant to all of this... Here's a trailer anyway to give you a headache.

I've sorta trailed off of Hatred here...

The odd thing is, it looks like a well made game, almost like an iPhone game or something, it's running on the Unreal engine, so that's a definite grab. There will be worries of it encouraging violence but apparently since all of the most controversial and violent games have been released in that last 10 years or so, there's been less crimes committed by teens! They blow off all that angsty steam in them games!

Sure it's tasteless and stupid but it has an almost Sin City-esque feel to it that I think looks interesting. I can't say I'll be going out of my way to buy it though. It's pretty much destined to be banned or at least heavily censored all over the world, Australia are definitely going to ban it - Video games suffer greatly over there, including the violent fantasy fighter, Mortal Kombat 9 was banned, even though it's naturally over the top and silly.

Whether you like or dislike this game, or the kind of stuff in it; I think it's important that it's at least defended from censorship or being banned. Idiots will say it's to protect children but the game will not be released with a 3+ rating... so that shouldn't be worried about. It's gonna be an adult game for adult gamers, so if a kid manages to get his hands on it and play it, blame the people who sold it to them or the parents that bought it, NOT THE GAME!

Anyway, hopefully you enjoyed this - let me know what you think of the trailer for Hatred below.


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