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Jerome Maida

If you were disappointed (or worried) that a "Sandman" film was not included in DC's big upcoming movie slate last week, fear not.

Neil Gaiman says a "Sandman" film is still coming - and plenty more!

Gaiman made this clear in a response to a question on Tumblr:

shellytotter asked: Despite talk last month about the script being worked on, Sandman wasn't mentioned by name in today's WB news release of scheduled DC Comics films. There are previously mentioned release dates without film titles attached, so it's not clear if the status of the project has been altered or if the team at WB decided to focus their news on the easier to group together capes & tights titles due out. Has their been a change in the production timeline? Is Sandman going to be marketed differently?

To which Gaiman replied:

It’s not a DC Comics film. It’s a Vertigo film. That’s a different slate of films, and a different announcement.

Get that?! Not only are we still getting a "Sandman" film, but a whole SLATE of Vertigo films! Part of me is almost more excited at this development than their superhero slate!

Depending on which titles besides "Sandman" wind up being announced of course!

What do the rest of you think?


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