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Before reading this article, please take note that this is a pure fan-based theory. Now, Lets begin.

With the recent announcements of the DCCU and the DC Television universe being separate universes, we now know that we will not be getting any super awesome [Arrow](series:720988) and Batman crime-fighting action. But as I was sitting at my TV fan-boying over the third episode of the Flash, I was suddenly saddened that I won't be seeing this same Flash (Grant Gustin) fight alongside whom I think is the best Superman ever, Henry Cavill. Now, believe me, I am a firm supporter of Ezra Miller as the Flash, and I think he is an amazing actor, but I just don't understand why DC is going to build up these characters with certain actors (which people are going to get used to) just to replace them with other actors. DC is already building up smaller (yet important) superheroes and super-villains with these TV shows. To name a few: The Atom, Firestorm, Black Canary, and Wildcat. So wouldn't it be cool if these characters were introduced in the cinematic universe also?

Here's how I think it could happen.

First off, let me state that I haven't read the WHOLE Crisis on Infinite Earths story arch, but I generally know what it is. If you don't know what it is, then just let me tell you that It is a DC Crossover event in which a villain named the anti-monitor attempts to destroy all of the earths of the multiverse. Which is every earth, ever. This caused a crossover of earths, which caused certain versions of characters to be doubled (ex. Supergirl & Powergirl). This also caused a certain hero to go missing, or die. Yep, you guessed it. I'm talking about Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash. Now ** SPOILERS ** here, if you haven't seen the first episode of CW's The Flash, go watch it, then come back and keep reading. Now, at the end of the first episode of The Flash, there is a newspaper from the year 2024 (I believe) in which Barry goes missing in a crisis. At the bottom of this paper, they also show that Wayne Tech and Queen Consolidated will merge to make one company. This either shows that Batman already exists in the DCTVU or he WILL exist in the DCTVU. Now back to what I saying about crisis on infinite earths, here's a way that they could do it. Obviously, DC would have to make drastic changes to the story as they dont have NEARLY enough superheroes introduced in either of their universes to have a Crisis on infinite earths. So how about we call this theory, Crisis on Two earths (no not the DCAU movie).

So my theory, is that at the end of part two of the Justice League movie, a new villain will be introduced, this villain will be the Anti-monitor. Over the course of the seasons of Arrow and The Flash and the DCCU movies that come out after Justice league part two, we see the Anti-monitor build up as a threat to these universes. At the end of the future seasons of Arrow and The Flash, we see the Anti-Monitor, combine the worlds of The DCCU and DCTVU. This will cause two flashes to be present, and a co-existing Wayne Tech and Queen Consolidated. Once these two universes collide, we see a spectacular movie event called Crisis on Infinite Earths, which tells the story of what happens once these two universes collide. Once they collide, we see conflicts between the two universes as there will be duplicates of certain characters (The Flash, Iris Allen, and Supergirl, supposing that there will be a Supergirl TV Show). I know this sounds very "generic" but explaining this in the most basic way possible, we eventually see the two universes of characters realize that the real villain is the anti-monitor, who will soon destroy the united earth with his almighty power. This then causes a huge fight between the anti-monitor, and the superheroes. This war is the cause of the two most iconic deaths in the Crisis on Infinite Earths story-arc. First, the death of Supergirl.

THE Death of Supergirl
THE Death of Supergirl

Now, supposing that supergirl will have her own TV series, and that she is also present in the DCCU (from the open pod easter egg in Man of Steel), we would see the death of at least one Supergirl. The Supergirl that I would prefer to see is the death of the DCCU one, as Superman has grown to know that supergirl. After the death of this Supergirl, we see the Supergirl from the TV universe become Powergirl. "Saying that there could only be one Supergirl, and that Supergirl is dead."

The Fight between the heroes and the Anti-Monitor continues, and Wayne Tech and Queen Consolidated merge to have a more solid company to create weapons, and aid the casualties from the violence. But destruction in favor of the Anti-Monitor seems imminent as the Anti-Monitor powers up is anti-matter canon to destroy the earth. At the climax of the story, we see The Flash (Grant Gustin Version) sacrifice himself to create the speed vortex which cancels the anti-matter canon's destruction. This then kills Grant Gustin Flash, leaving the Ezra Miller Flash left.

At the end of the Crisis, this is then made:

and the crisis ends on April 25 2024.

Then from that point going foward, we would see the DCTVU and the DCCU combined, and I will be able to freak out over things like this:

I would go crazy.
I would go crazy.

It would also be pretty cool if the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" Movie came out on April 25th 2024. Just Saying. Then again, this is just me thinking of cool thoughts.

Oh well.

A youtuber by the name of @jaeroar made a video similar to this, in which he explained that maybe a flashpoint paradox story arch could combine the universes. Check the video out here!


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