ByRichard Saint, writer at

It ain’t easy being a superhero. If it isn’t a death-defying battle against the forces of evil, it’s one of the guys who were supposed to be on your team causing the trouble. Just ask Superman and Batman. The Dark Knight and the Caped Crusader have been in their fair share of movies over the years, representing the good guys. Now, though, the peace has been broken. Tempers have frayed, and so they’re due to face off against each other in a blockbuster battle. There’s just one question – in the ultimate battle between good and… er… good, who will triumph?

While we’ll have to wait until early 2016 to find out, we’re almost too excited at Asons, and so we couldn’t resist staging a bit of a battle of the past. We’ve rounded up the full list of movies starring the Dark Knight and Caped Crusader, and analysed some of the injuries they’ve sustained in the pursuit of justice in the past. And just to add our trademark legal twist, we’ve also analysed how much they might be entitled to were they to start a personal injury claim for their working troubles! Behold: Batman vs Superman: The Price Of Justice! Feel free to share it on your own pages/social media.


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