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The Wizarding world of Harry Potter is a wonderful, magical place. So far it's given us ten books, eight movies (with three more to come!) and plenty of fodder for millions of fan fiction stories to be created. But with the Harry Potter universe as a pretty well established place, some Reddit users have got to thinking:

What are some of the more horrifying implications of the Harry Potter universe?

Think about all the spells, potions, charms and magic that seem to be poorly regulated in the wizarding world. Yes, they have the Ministry of Magic, but throughout the books we do see evidence that a lot slips by them.

Check out what some Reddit users came up with:


1. The punishment for crimes is massively sadistic

From Willyolio:

The general public is perfectly OK with the destruction of a person's soul as a form of punishment

The wizarding world isn't ok with capital punishment, but it is fine with sucking the souls from people's bodies. Even worse than this, it doesn't even seem like it's particularly well regulated, take the case of poor Barry Crouch Jr. as an example. Crouch was due to be interrogated by a dementor, but instead, the dementor went rogue and "kissed" him, removing his soul, without orders.


2. The freakiness of not knowing if your memories have been tampered with

From dont_let_me_comment:

You could never really be sure if you've ever been a victim of a memory charm.

At first thought, this has bad but not terrible implications: drank too much butterbeer and made a fool of yourself at the Leaky Cauldron on Friday night? A memory charm will erase those embarrassing three minutes from the brains of others. However, this memory charm business could get very dark, very quickly. I'll leave that up to your imagination.


3. You could make someone forcibly love you

From SymphonicStorm

Love Potions were handled way too lightly by the characters for the most part, which is strange because Rowling even explored the scarier parts of them with Merope and Tom Sr.
You'd think that, knowing how they can be abused that way, love potions would be very very very heavily restricted and regulated, or banned outright.

and Onefortheisland

Love potions are basically date-rape drugs...and it's perfectly legal to make and sell them. That fun, novelty joke shop that Fred and George open sells them. It is so easy to slip that stuff into someone's food or beverage, and then violate them.

We were already given a small insight into how this business could get out of hand in the books with Ron falling head over heels for Romilda Vane (he even punched Harry in the face over it), and again with the considerably darker tale of Merope Gaunt tricking Tom Riddle Sr. into marriage through the continued use of love potions.


4. You could get super creepy with your crushes

From mepope09

Polyjuice prostitutes.
You know that girl you've got a crush on? Just find a single hair and some polyjuice potion and voila! Have a prostitute drink some polyjuice for an hour of fun with anyone. And you know there is a black market for that shit. Lockhart probably sells a few clippings a day for a thousand galleons a pop

~Presented without comment~


5. Trolling could reach next level

From NotBearhound

Psycho wizard makes two portkeys, one out of a rock he chucks into the ocean 5 miles out, and one out of a plastic ball he chucks into a ball pit at McDonalds or Chuck E. Cheese.

Ok, I'm trying not to laugh at the thought, but really, this sort of trolling could get really out of hand. We saw a lot of almost harmless pranks pulled at Hogwarts, but how long would it be before some sadist sent a 4 year old muggle to the bottom of the ocean?


6. Stalking someone would be a breeze

Moviepilots own Jancy Richardson imagines that stalking could become much easier and creepier in the Harry Potter universe, due to the fact that people could become Animagus. While it does take a long time and a lot of practice to master, a seriously obsessed stalker would probably consider it time well spent. What could they become? A cat, mouse, fly, lice....other? The option is theirs and, much like Ron's pet rat, Scabbers, you'd never know until they wanted you to know.


Whoa, almost sounds like a bit of a scary place to live! Can you come up with any other terrifying implications of living in the Harry Potter universe of your own? Tell me in the comments!


Do you think the wizarding world would be a cool place to live?

Source: Reddit


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