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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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I think one of the reasons I love Harry Potter so much is that it's such a complete, well-defined universe that it offers infinite possibilities.

Every Potter fan knows that moment when you're waiting for a bus, or in the shower, and your brain drops some random HP question that you just NEED the answer to RIGHT NOW.

Here are some totally important questions posed by Tumblr that will delight Potter fans and get the imaginations churning.

Are Wizarding Tattoos as good as their portraits?

It ain't over 'til the Fat Lady sings...
It ain't over 'til the Fat Lady sings...

Moving tattoos - can you imagine anything more totally boss? Tumblr user megasilly points out that you could have 'tattoos of cats that wind around your ankles, birds that fly across your back when you move'... Personally, I would go with a giant dragon sweeping majestically across my back, then maybe a little comedy one on the ankle of Dumbledore doing the Macarena... What would you guys get?


Can your Patronus be a Pikachu?

Wow, such Patronus! So spells!
Wow, such Patronus! So spells!

Or, like, a bit of a floppy, non-confrontational animal? I always imagined a Patronus to be kind of like a Spirit Animal, in which case mine would be a sloth with a cheeky glint in it's eye, sharting out of my wand like 'it's cool, bro, I got this.'


Is it unreasonable to feel so much EMOTION for this?

Daniel Radcliffe is holding Maggie Smith's umbrella for her! Harry is holding Professor McGonagall's freakin' umbrella for her. As perksofbeingapotterfan points out, Maggie Smith is so SWAG she just cannot have an ordinary PA.


Why aren't more people motivated like Hermione?

You have so much homework, Harry? Poor you! You only get to turn cups into birds and make insane potions and play with actual mystical creatures. You study magic. Sure, Ron doesn't care because he's been raised with this stuff all his life, but Muggle Hermione leaps out of bed every morning like I WANNA LEARN. I swear that's how I would be at Hogwarts...


Is Umbridge the most hated character?

I mean, sure, Voldemort is evil, but you know where you are with a real, old-fashioned, world domination evil. But Umbridge? She's irritating, she gets under your skin, she uses her boring, banal, everyday fun-vacuum personality to slowly suck the life out of everything good in this world. Also, I'm giving tumblr user iminmypants a thousand points for his/her house for the epic burn, 'I heard, one time, a Dementor kissed her and IT died.'


Obviously, I have a couple of questions of my own to add...

How much is magic regulated?

Imagine how effectively you could stalk or harass someone with a series of howlers, or repeated apparition or floo powder your way into someone's home. Or you could Polyjuice yourself into their mom or their husband and mess with their minds completely... With great power comes great responsibility, folks!


What's the deal with Wizard gold?

We know you can't create gold by magic, but is that because gold has magical properties of its own that cannot be replicated, or is it an ancient rule set up by powerful wizards to prevent gold duplication to keep the wizarding economy stable?


Can you answer these totally legit Potter queries? And, more importantly:

Do you have any burning Harry Potter questions? Add yours below!


Do you have burning Harry Potter questions you need answering?

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