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With Halloween fast approaching, many of you, like me, are probably scrambling for last minute costume ideas to make the scariest costumes possible.

Maybe some of you will be inspired by the amazing effects in [The Walking Dead](series:201193) or [American Horror Story](series:206668) for your outfit, and sure, they're amazing; but maybe instead, you could take a look through these decades old Halloween photos for some of the scariest costumes of all time:


1. Just a cute halloween-ing couple

I'm going to ease you into the weird factor with this couple. I mean, they haven't even really gone to any particular lengths for this costume, it's only a mask, yet somehow it still manages to look scary. I think it's the impossibly enormous grin.


2. A classroom full of nightmares

I think they're supposed to be ghosts and they are going to haunt my dreams, so I guess the masks do have the desired effect. Again, I think the creepy grin is what pushed it over the top.


3. Mini Lion plots his next move

That lion mask with the menacing eyebrows makes it look like the kid wearing it might leap at the photographer, and the dog looks a bit unnerving too.


4. A trio of future serial killers

At first, my eyes immediately went to the jester in the center. But it wasn't long before what I guess is supposed to be a Native American to the left caught my eye, that guy ain't messing around.


5. Aardvarks just want to party

Are they supposed to be ant eaters? The piercing stare is what unnerves me the most. Why are they only wearing masks? Where is the rest of their costume? I don't understand!


6. Ghost faced killer

Apparently, the burn victim look was a great costume idea? Not to mention that jack-o-lantern on the table!


7. The Two Horsemen of the Apocalypse

While the skeleton riders are scary, especially because one looks to be kid sized, it's definitely the full horse costume that tips this from weird to spooky.


8. A quartet of fabric-wrapped oddities

I think there may be a ghost and a scarecrow in here, I couldn't tell you for certain though. The little dude in front could be a corporate ghost... but I have no idea about the nightmare on the right.


9. Peekaboo! It's grandma

Grandma in the front, Skeletor in the middle, unknown villain lurking in the back.


10. Nothing to see here, just six friends off to a party...

On top of some of the costumes being horribly racist, that clown in the front bears and uncanny likeness to Twisty the clown from [American Horror Story](series:206668), anyone else?


11. Weird clown even spooks other costume wearers

Even back then those girls knew the guy in the middle was creepy as all hell, check out that side eye from the girl on the left!


12. Man dresses as bacon. Wins award.

Yes, this isn't technically a Halloween costume (the photo dates it to April, 1894), but when you see a vintage picture of a man dressed as bacon, the details seem insignificant.


Anyone get any ideas for costumes, or, like me, were you all too busy questioning what the hell people were thinking when they dressed up back in the day?


Which is the spookiest vintage Halloween costume?

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