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Our world is full of abandoned institutions - for the insane, the sick, the misdiagnosed and the unfortunates of the past. These buildings - dilapidated, decaying Asylums - carry with them tales of horror so frightening, horror movies like Session 9 cannot possibly do them justice.

Reader, beware, for these terrifying asylums make American Horror Story's Briarcliff look like Disneyland...

Metropolitan State Hospital (USA) - Sedated Children and Murderous Tooth Collectors

Metropolitan State Hospital in Waltam, Massachusetts was a hotbed of discontent and psychiatric trauma for 62 years, and although it has now been demolished, it's sinister folklore will live on for centuries.

The hospital was home of the Gaebler Children's Center, which former residents describe as a prison for kids who were deemed disruptive. If you were unfortunate enough to end up here, strict discipline and forced sedation were the order of the day, but if you ended up in the adult facilities, things got a lot worse...

The grisly tale that Metropolitan is best known for earned it the nickname of "The Hospital of Seven Teeth," Which is just as sinister as it sounds.

In 1978, an patient named Anna Marie Davee went for her daily stroll around the grounds and never returned. 2 years later, her killer, another patient named Melvin Wilson, coughed up her location to police.

The unfortunate woman had been hacked-up and buried in three separate graves and Wilson also kept seven of Davee's teeth as a sick memento.

Thankfully, Metropolitan State Hospital was closed in 1992 and was demolished in 2009.


Topeka State Hospital (USA) - Unethical Imprisonment and Crippling Boredom

Topeka State Hospital was one of the best mental facilities in the country when it closed in 1997, but unfortunately it wasn't always that way.

When a journalist toured the hospital in the early 1900s, he was horrified to see patients that had been chained up for so long that their skin had started to grow over their restraints.

If you escaped being shackled and naked for months on end, there was a very different kind of hell waiting for you.

Patients were given absolutely nothing to do in an attempt to avoid overstimulating them, and blankly staring at a wall while gently rocking was how people whiled away their years.


Whittingham Hospital (England) - Mystery 'Slop' and Manslaughter

Whittingham was once the biggest mental hospital in Britain until it was closed down after shocking allegations of abuse by those who were supposedly in the institution's care.

In 1965 scores patients came forward with a string of bizarre allegations against the staff. Some of the alleged abuse includes patients being fed mixed together leftovers that nurses called 'slop' as their meal, and being locked outside in stormy weather wearing only vests.

One patient also claimed that particularly sadistic staff members carried out a "wet towel treatment," which involved twisting a wet towel around patients neck and violently twisting it until they lost consciousness.

Although staff denied the abuse (don't they always?), both the head nurse and the matron retired in the wake of the scandal.

When an official inquiry was launched, one nurse was jailed for manslaughter when it was revealed that they assaulted an elderly patient who died from their injuries.


Beechworth Lunatic Asylum (Australia) - Illicitly Obtained Jars of Organs

At its height, Beechworth housed 1,200 patients, making it the biggest mental institution in Australia.

All that was required for you to end up locked up here was a request from a disgruntled relative and a signature from a doctor who was not even required to examine you in person, and a lot of patients ended up leaving in body bags.

9,000 people died on site during the hospital's 128 year history, and a lot of them stayed there after their deaths.

The hospital had a macabre collection of preserved organs in jars that were obtained from patients, many of whom died in unexplained circumstances.

These grisly reminders of Beechworth history were destroyed in a fire in the 1950s, but you can still visit the hospital after dark in ghost tours to this day.


Athens Mental Hospital (USA) - Grisly Stains and Unmarked Graves

Athens Mental Hospital is located in Ohio and was in operation for 119 years, since 1874.

The institution was famed for it's lobotomy treatment and for housing the most violent criminals in the state, as horrible as this may be, these features weren't unusual for a mental hospital, but Athens has one feature that seriously amps up its creep factor.

The grounds of the now defunct building are home to 1,900 graves with headstones that only identify the former residents by number, but one patient clearly didn't want to be forgotten.

In 1978, a female patient disappeared and her body wasn't found until a year later. The spot of the ghastly discovery is still stained with fluids from her body to this day.


Taunton State Hospital (USA) - Murderous Nurse Meets Satanic Basement

Taunton State Hospital is located in Massachusetts and began its horrifying history in 1854.

This mental institution's best known patient was Jane Toppan, a serial killer who confessed to murdering 31 patients while working as a nurse at Cambridge Hospital, and made the following admission that her ambitions was:

to have killed more people — helpless people — than any other man or woman who ever lived...

Surprisingly, Toppan is not the most shocking thing about Taunton, though. Rumors persisted throughout the hospital's history that some doctor and nurses used to drag unwilling patients to the basement to conduct satanic rituals.

In its later years, both patients and doctors reported feeling a sense of tremendous unease when they approached the door of the basement.



Which mental hospital would you least like to end up in?

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