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Now, Skyline may have been about as critically-ravaged as movies get - but it sure did make a lot of money for a film with a $10 million budget. $78.6 million, to be precise, and that's not even including DVD sales, rentals, streaming-service fees and...however else movies make money nowadays that they don't tell us about.

Which, of course, means a sequel is coming our way soon. Titled Beyond Skyline, it's reportedly set to be a sort-of-reboot, with the original's surviving characters not currently set to appear. Instead, Captain America: The Winter Soldier's Frank Grillo is apparently in talks to star - with the events of the movie taking place at roughly the same time as the original.

Not running to their casting call, it seems.
Not running to their casting call, it seems.

Directed by Liam O'Donnell (who wrote and produced the original), Beyond Skyline is presumably going to have a (slightly) larger budget to play with - as well as a whole lot more of the weight of expectation.

But, more importantly, it now has Crossbones (sorry, Brock Rumlow) from Captain America: The Winter Soldier in it!

Which means YAY.


And double YAY.

Because Frank Grillo is totally awesome - and [Beyond Skyline](movie:1456171) is going to be all the better for having him in it (if he actually signs on the dotted line...)


What do you guys think? Excited by the prospect of Beyond Skyline?

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