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It might not be the Dredd sequel you've been waiting for, but hopefully Adi Shankar's new unofficial animated web-based Dredd spin-off will be enough to sate your Judge Dredd desires.

The new series, which has been titled Judge Dredd: Superfiend, will be provided free of charge online and will not exist within the same universe as the cinematic representations. Superfiend sees Judge Dredd dealing with one of 2000AD's most disturbing villains - Judge Death. The story follows Death and his minions invading Dredd's world from a parallel dimension - a dimension in which life has been deemed illegal.

Check out the first images, and the teaser trailer, below:

Superfiend is due to arrive online on October 27th. A full length trailer is also due for this week.

Source: EmpireOnline, IndieWire


Judge Dredd: Superfiend looks...


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