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Good news, Anime (and Avengers) fans!

Not only is Ghost in the Shell's upcoming Hollywood adaptation edging ever closer to becoming a reality - but it might just have picked up a major star to take the lead role. Better yet, it's the toughest, ass-kickingest, Black Widow-est action heroine working today: Scarlet Johansson herself.

The actress has, according to Deadline, been offered a starring role in the movie, playing the distinctly bad-ass Major Motoko Kusanagi - and, what's more, had $10 million of the shiniest dollars available offered to her in exchange for playing the story's tough-as-nails squad leader - a huge sum for a female action lead in the current movie-salary climate. Which says something pretty terrible about the state of gender roles in Hollywood, but, on the plus side, at least things might just be starting to change for the better. Specifically, in the form of:

Motoko Kusanagi

The leader of Ghost in the Shell's Public Security Section 9, Major Kusanagi is tough, determined, deeply-intelligent - and a cyborg. Except, of course, she still looks like this...

Which is, presumably, part of why the filmmakers are keen to hire Scarlett Johansson to play her.

With the story (depending on which strand of the Ghost in the Shell mythos they choose to adapt) likely to feature a whole lot of darkness, technological complexity and identity crises, though - plus, of course, just so much hacking - there are a ton of other reasons why the artist occasionally known as ScarJo is a favorite for the role.


7 Reasons Scarlett Johansson Would be Perfect to Play Motoko Kusanagi

I mean...

1. She's Got the Ass-Kicking Thing Down

So DO NOT sneak up behind her.

I mean...

2. She's REALLY Got the Ass-Kicking Thing Down

Even when she's not looking.

3. She Can Totally Rock Bright Hair

Especially while in Japan in Lost in Translation...

4. She's Used to Dealing With Dudes in Robotic Suits

And keeping them (slightly) grounded...

5. She's Got No Time For Any Nonsense

Under any circumstances...

6. She Can Do All the Emoting You Might Need

Especially when you're zooming in slowly.

And, of course...

7. She's Already Played Bad-Ass, Super-Intelligent, Technologically-Modified and Futuristic. This Year.

Hello, Lucy.

Now, the only question? Do you guys think she'd be a good fit for [Ghost in the Shell](movie:1224130)'s Motoko Kusanagi?


So? Do ya?

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