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In a story that may have produced the weirdest headline ever, Quentin Tarantino has admitted that Juliette Binoche's emotional exit in the opening moments of Godzilla caused the famed director to blub like a baby.

The French actress said that the director had told her:

That was the first time I've ever cried during a 3D blockbuster. I had to take off my glasses to wipe away my tears.

Binoche "took it as a compliment". So would we!

She further admitted that she only took the role because director Gareth Edwards had sent her "a beautiful letter", though she was less than impressed when it transpired that she was barely in the movie.

I don't know how much fun you can have when you have to die in two seconds, and you're the one real woman character and you're dead in three minutes and 45 seconds.

Oh dear. At least Binoche gets more airtime opposite Kristen Stewart in Clouds of Sils Maria and in the upcoming drama The 33, out next year.

(Source: IndieWire)


Are you surprised that Tarantino is a softie?


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