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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Ah, 1994. The year The Lion King came out and I fell wholeheartedly in lurve with Sandra Bullock in Speed (somewhat unusual for a seven-year-old girl, but I stand by my childhood tastes).

But Guess What, you guys? 1994 was also the year that this Krazy Kim Kardashian home video was recorded for posterity.

In this masterpiece of handheld camerawork, a fresh-faced Kim Kardashian enthuses about her favorite thing in the world: herself.

According to Kim, she is a 'beautiful little girl' who's going to be 'famous,' and she is much, much 'more popular than Lisa.'

Suck on that, Lisa. Watch this video, it's hilarious.

What a little angel... Hmmm, well it seems that Kim had her sights set firmly on fame from a young age. She also adds that she is the 'dopest of the ropest of the class,' so let us know what in the hell you guys think that means.

So, share this valuable historical artifact with your nearest and dearest and remember 1994: a year when two tiny, wide-eyed little brats told the world how much they just couldn't wait to be King...


Tiny Widdle Kim Kardashian...?

Source: ET Online


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