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We have all been itching to see Nina Dobrev flit across The Vampire Diaries extended universe to The Originals, and now the first look images have finally been released!

Dobrev will be taking on the role of Tatia, the original doppelgänger who both Klaus and Elijah fell for, in episode 5 of the new season of [The Originals](series:833141) which will air on Tuesday, October 21st.

Nina's Take on Tatia

According to Nina Dobrev, taking on a fourth character was a "really fun" experience and Tatia is the most naive and unaffected of the Petrova ladies. The 25-year-old actress told E! Online that:

She's the original and so she kind of feels the most pure, to me, of all the characters, and unaffected and doesn't have all of this previous history of the doppelgänger preceding her to add pressure. She was just sort of the dealing with love that went wrong.

Snapshots of the Past

Along with having a very different personality, Tatia also has a totally new look and some seriously awesome hair.

Nina Dobrev's signature style as [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853)' Elena is nowhere to be seen as she dons a blue robe.

Elijah and the first Petrova share and intimate moment...

...But how long before things get seriously messy between them?

Writhing around on the forest floor in a dress is never a good sign.

Klaus leads some sort of sinister looking ritualistic burning.

Nina Dobrev is clearly pretty confident about her latest acting turn. When IBT asked her what she thought would be trending on Twitter when the episode screens, she replied:

, and hopefully

I have every faith in you, girl!


Are you looking forward to seeing Nina Dobrev's crossover?

(Source: IBT)


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