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We've been bombarded with pictures over the last few months of Robert Pattinson and girlfriend FKA Twigs. But while it looked like Pattinson was accompanying the 26-year-old on her European tour, he has now been spotted going solo in Toronto Canada!

But don't get too excited just yet, it looks like Rob has only torn himself away from FKA Twigs' side due to work commitments for his upcoming film [Idol's Eye](movie:1439448).

The film, which will be directed by French auteur Olivier Assayas, will also star Robert De Niro and is yet another role of a more serious nature, which Pattinson seems to have sought out after his role in the hugely successful Twilight Saga.

Read all about the story in the synopsis for Idol's Eye:

The heart-pounding true story of a group of thieves that get much more than they bargain for when they rob a porn shop in Chicago. Under the impression that it will be an easy job, they miss a vital piece of information - the shop is actually a front for a mafia-run business!

While the film sounds amazing we hope that filming doesn't keep Rob and FKA Twigs apart too long, they're so cute together!


Will you go see Rob in Idol's Eye?

Source: Mirror


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