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Nina Dobrev has seen her fair share of rumors and smear campaigns against her on the internet, and now the 25-year-old actress is speaking out about the damage that bullying can do.

In a video for a campaign named Bystander Revolution, Dobrev and a bunch of other stars speak out about breaking the vicious cycle of bullying by showing compassion instead of fighting back and becoming as bad as the tormentors.

[The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) actress shared the following image on her Whosay account, with the following caption to raise awareness about the campaign:

If you want to hear Dobrev's words of wisdom about the serious issue of bullying, you can watch her in the video below. Nina appears around the 047 second mark.

Maybe Nina learned some of her lessons on dealing with bullying from her ex-beau, Ian Somerhalder.

When the star found his new girlfriend, Nikki Reed, was being attacked on Instagram, he reached out with comments promoting a more positive and healthy attitude instead of lashing out at others.


Do you think more celebrities should speak out over bullying?

(Source: Whosay)


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