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Half-Life 3 Update!

Half-Life 3 has had some interesting news lately, not from Valve unfortunately, but we may be hearing from them soon after this extraordinary stunt! I was recently directed to a new Indiegogo campaign set up by advertising interns Chris Salem and Kyle Mazzei who believe they can use their ad men prowess to convince Valve to release Half-Life 3 with a publicity campaign. A very expensive publicity campaign.

Below you can check out the van that they hired in order to get the campaign off the ground. With this vehicle they drove around Valve's headquarters for an entire day in New York. I know we all want Half-Life 3, that's a given, but these guys really, REALLY want Half-Life 3!

Half-Life 3
Half-Life 3

The duo are seeking $150,000 from backers in order to set up a campaign to show Valve fans are “serious” about wanting Half-Life 3. The ideas at the different funding goals range from pretty ridiculous ($3,000 for Valve employee-targeted keyword ads about Half-Life 3) to absolutely ridiculous ($45,000 to hire an army of Gabe Newell impersonators). The grand prize for fans and the world at large if they hit their sky-high $150,000 goal? A Half-Life 3 themed concert that will somehow use music to melt the hearts of Valve and cause them to release the game at last.

MADNESS!! So far the campaign hasn't been well received by gamers. The trailer campaign has received twice the amount of dislikes than likes. So what does this mean? Do gamers not want Half-Life 3? Quite the opposite, they just don't want to force Valve to make it. Furthermore, this campaign is made redundant as its goal is to convince Valve of the huge following for Half-Life and we'd all play it if they made it. THEY KNOW THAT!

It's only the most anticipated game of all time! That's if we ever get to see it. So you can get the full picture, check out the plan that was laid out for the people involved in this stunt. This is how they would progress with the potential funds they would raise.

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Half-Life 3
Half-Life 3

$3000 – AdWord Campaign

The goal behind this tier is to target the 300 Valve employees with a Google AdWord campaign. If any staff member searches their name in the engine, they will see a simple advert on the side stating “we want Half-Life 3”

$9000 – Mobile Billboard

A mobile billboard will be rented and plastered with a logo and message saying “We-Want 3”. That vehicle will then spend and entire day driving around Valve HQ.

$45 000 – Gabe Newell Look-a-Likes

This is easily the most bizarre of all the goals. If reached, a whole lot of Gabe Newell lookalikes will be hired and kitted out with “We-Want HL3” shirts, then tasked with walking around Valve HQ. The whole thing will then be filmed for the whole world to see. (This is my personal favourite, absolutely hilarious! The image of all of these guys parading in front of Valve is priceless)

$150 000 – A concert

If reached, a huge Half-Life concert will be held, and all the Valve employees will be invited. The music lineup will feature some of the biggest names in video game music.

Alright, if they actually raised the last part I would certainly pay to go to that concert! But there's no way I'm longing to see Half-Life 3 to the extent where I'd donate money to a superfluous cause. What about you guys? How do you feel about this campaign?

Half-Life 3 - Love this!
Half-Life 3 - Love this!

Portal 3 Any News?

Nothing I'm afraid, it's only Half-Life 3 that is getting any attention at the moment. But I maintain my position. I'm not someone who is looking for Portal 3 at all. Portal 2 was so perfect that I don't think they could improve upon the formula that the game withholds. Unless they brought into a completely different environment and added a huge array of additional features, I'm not keen to get another Portal game.

It got me thinking though, which would you rather play? I want to know what the fan base is like out there for these two game series! What is it that you love about Half-Life, what makes it so incredible? Or do you not understand the hype? Is Portal where it's at for you? Let me know in the comments!!


Which game would you pick?


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