ByYash Bhatia, writer at

The new episode of The Flash is called 'Things You Can't Outrun'. It is episode number three of this spectacularly created TV series which follows the adventures of Barry Allen when he turns into the red streak that blazes the streets of Central City, masquerading as the incarnation of justice. Apart from being immaculately paced, funny and excitingly original, the biggest strength of this new series is, quite unexpectedly, its emotional potency.

In this new episode (no spoilers here, don't worry) Barry visits his father, and Mr Allen tells Barry about the time he had started to walk. He mentions that all the other kids in the neighborhood had started walking before Barry. But that didn't worry his mother. She said, "He'll start walking when he has someplace to go."

This line of dialogue felt like a punch in the gut. The reason: I wasn't expecting this kind of staggering poignancy from a TV show that's about a man who can run ridiculously fast. The fantastical character development lifts off the veil over new arcs of Caitlin and Cisco, and seals the episode's brilliant dramatic impact by confirming our suspicions about Dr Wells.

It boggles my senses how this show keeps getting exponentially better with each passing episode. My expectations are skyrocketing. Hope the new episodes don't disappoint.


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