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Virtually overnight (which makes sense, since they're filming in London and I'm stateside) new and awesome details about [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) have surfaced via sources for - and they're something of a nostalgia bomb.

As per usual, do not read ahead if you don't want possible spoilers. Seriously! I mean it!


According to the site and it's rebel spies, scenes were being shot this week that involved what seems to be an Imperial stronghold, and our two favorite rogues in the middle of the fray. While it's said that there's a third character involved, it hasn't been implied who that is, so after years of waiting, we might just get to see a classic Han and Chewie adventure.

And my heart! /swoon
And my heart! /swoon

The earliest reports on the film said that Han Solo would have a pretty substantial role in the film, rumored to be the first character that our new heroes seek out after finding Luke Skywalker's lightsaber.

But going on a 'solo' mission with Chewie is something fans of the original trilogy didn't get to see a lot of until the Expanded Universe stories and the Han Solo Chronicles books came out.


The first report came from an e-mail that MSW received on the 17th:

The scene involved a set which looked like ancient ruins but with a hint of advanced technology i.e. the ruins had electronic doors & scrap spaceships. Think of a castle and you’re there.
Anyway, the scene involved explosions and Stormtroopers chasing someone. The only dialogue I could hear was what sounded like Han Solo saying “Run Chewie!” You could hear J.J. talking over the megaphone a couple of times but a Scottish voice seemed to be doing all the talking. I thought he was saying “Dan” and “Chewie” but it could of been “Han.”
Oh yeah, an old flag was draped over the ruins & it looked as though it was red & white.

One particular line in a recent report from seems to reflect this as well:

In what would (if it turns out to be true) be complete fan service, there is a sequence involving Han Solo having to disguise himself as - wait for it - a stormtrooper.

But wait, there's more! MSW got their hands on more concept art from the film and summarized it:

Emerging from the “Imperial hole in the ground” are none other than Han Solo and the mighty Chewbacca! Han Solo wears his classic black vest and pants. His gun is raised in the air, ready to shoot first if need be! Chewbacca stands to his left, he appears to hold a big riffle type blaster, no robotic hand, and his classic bandolier over his shoulder. We can see the two heroes from an angle behind the pillars they are using for cover as they look towards the camera for any foes to attack.
So it appears Han and Chewie have a scene or sequence together in the film where it is just them.

Adding fuel to the fire (and not being conspicuous at all) are two photos from Star Wars newcomers John Boyega, (rumored to play a stormtrooper-gone-good) and Lupita Nyong'o (who is said to be allied with the film's villain).

Obviously, these photos don't really fit into the insane person's pinboard that is my mind on Star Wars speculation, but it's also pretty funny that the two of them posed with this particular figurine just before news of this scene came out. More than likely, it was laying around on set, as I'm sure tons of Star Wars swag is.

I, for one, welcome any Han and Chewie-centric scenes. As I said before, we really didn't get enough time with just the two of them, and while their dynamic shines through brilliantly in the original trilogy, I'm so excited to see them on their own "like the old days" of Han's youth. With rumors of a Han Solo spinoff trilogy making the rounds, showing the two of them working together on their own missions could hint at what's to come when we see the young Corellian's solo debut.

Ah, one last thing: for anyone who might be doubting the 72-year-old Ford's ability to take on a heavy action sequence, remember that this guy continues to maintain a strict workout/diet regimen and still did most of his own stunts in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Should you ever choose to buy it, the stunts he did are detailed on the 2-Disk Blu-Ray set. He also spoke about it with Entertainment Weekly.

Space Husband
Space Husband

One more instance of Ford being physically on-point in his later years was during the press tour for Crystal Skull - in an interview that I saw live while walking to work in Times Square years ago, when I lived in NYC - where he demonstrated that he's not all that out of practice with a whip:

Despite breaking his leg on set, I've got total faith that an action sequence with Ford as Han Solo would still be just as incredible (and, since it's Han and Chewie, hopefully hilarious) as it was years ago.


Would you like to see more Han and Chewie action scenes?


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