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Early this morning, The House of Ideas gave us our first look at last night's newest addition to the SHIELD team: Bobbi Morse: AKA: Mockingbird in what will become her standard issue look on the struggling series.

Slightly different than Agent May, it's a subtle homage to her ever-changing comic book look. As she moved from SHIELD to Avengers the artists slowly updated her look.

Marvel also released the concept art showing her with very blonde, shorter hair. No word on if she'll take this route or not.

It's been no secret that high school homecoming queen runner-up (SAY WHAT?), Adrianne Palicki has been dying to play a super-heroine. She was cast in NBC's fateful reboot of Wonder Woman, that never saw the light of day...

She also kicked some Cobra ass in G.I. JOE: Retaliation as Lady Jaye.

Last night's episode of AOS was the best from the series yet, showing off not only some bad-ass team work and Colton with an ice-cube exterior confronting Rayna, but it gave us one more Marvel hero the fans have been clamoring for. AOS may be the most diverse show on TV, showcasing not only beauty, but brawn, and intelligence in all ethnicities. Nice work, Joss and Jed!


Do You Want Bobbi to Go Blonde?


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