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This is really some of the most creative and beautiful fan art I've seen as of late. And guys, I write about fan art on the reg, so this is a pretty serious compliment. Do I say this too often? Dammit, I just love your guys' work. How are you all so talented?!

The amazing Julia Cross took pen to paper and turned the Avengers into a some seriously cool Major Arcana tarot cards. Whether you're using these cards for occult purposes** like a modern-day Etteilla or just enjoying their pleasing aesthetics as a fan, I think that everyone can appreciate the time and effort that went into creating them.

The Magician: Tony - Mercury

Key words: Power, Action, Awareness, Application, and Resourcefulness

This sounds like Tony for sure! Not to mention she absolutely nailed his facial hair.

The Hermit: Bruce - Cronus

Key words: Wisdom, Humility, Solitude, Searching, Detachment, Deliberate, and Observation

Bruce is a hermit for sure, until you get him angry. You don't want to make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Strength: Steve - Herakles

Key words: Balance, Inner Strength, Courage, Patience, Compassion, and Understanding

Yes, yes to all of this. Steve gets to pet a little baby lion cub. The little lion cub gets to look at Steve's lumpy hips. Who's the real winner here? Life is confusing.

The Lovers: Natasha and Clint - Aphrodite and Adonis

Key words: Love, Health, Union, Trust, Passion, Temptation, Vulnerability, and Communication

Natasha's "nope" face in this is priceless. It's true though that the chemistry between Natasha and Clint is great, that's why Black Widow and Hawkeye make such strong partners!

The Sun: Thor - Apollo

Key words: Life, Energy, Growth, Clarity, Vibrancy, Understanding, Illumination, and Breaking Through

God of Light, God of Thunder, is there anything Thor can't do? Now if only the Gods of Wind were on my side and that cape were blowing a bit in the other direction. Too far? Yeah, I felt it too. That's my bad.

The Hierophant: Phil - Chiron

Key words: Law, Holy, Respect, Ceremony, Knowledge, Tradition, and Conformity

Well someone's got to help keep all of these superheroes in line! Coulson is mature and like to play by the books. Thank goodness for the S.H.I.E.L.D. medics who resuscitated him so that he can now stand as the Director of the new version of [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469). Special bonus: His picture of Steve Rogers. Love it!

The Devil: Loki - Pan

Key words: Ego, Loss, Error, Addiction, Illusion, Disruption, and Enslavement

Loki is perfectly cast as the Devil in this deck considering he is obsessed with his past and he has an insane inferiority (and yet also, superiority) complex.

So what did you guys think of these super cool [The Avengers](movie:9040) tarot cards? Personally, I would like to purchase a full deck of these Marvel-inspired cards. Maybe it could tell me just how awesome [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) is going to be!

(Editor's note: I can't believe I have to write this, but I can already foresee the angry comments from certain groups of people. So. This does NOT MEAN that Moviepilot condones OR condemns occult practices. Do whatcha want. The cards are just cool, and beautifully done. Period.)


Which Avengers tarot card is your favorite?

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