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Quite some time ago, we held a Doctor Strange fancasting bracket challenge, and to the surprise of almost no one, the final round came down to a battle between Liam Neeson and Viggo Mortensen, with The Man Formerly Known as Aragorn ultimately vanquishing Qui-Gon Jinn steel cage match style.

But a lot of time has passed since then, with a veritable galaxy of new actors being attached to the role. Two days ago, I wrote about why I think Marvel's having a hard time casting Doctor Strange, and you guys weighed in with your thoughts about who should play the Sorcerer Supreme.

So let's put it to a vote! Based entirely on your answers from that article and some of the more recently-rumored (or is names. Keep in mind, these choices are coming from you guys, not me, so don't hold me responsible for some of the more, I'll just say, head-scratching choices on the list, comrades.

(Warning: It's a VERY long list. Gonna find out just how many answers our polls can handle today, y'all.)

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth! Let's do this.


Who do you think should play Doctor Strange?


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