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Keanu sat down with Moviefone, and while the interview covered his latest flick "John Wick," Reeves discussed a variety of topics, from what superheroes he would have liked to play, the future of "Bill & Ted 3," the "Point Break" remake, and working with Gary Oldman and Francis Ford Copolla on "Bram Stoker's Dracula."

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Reeves as Wolverine?
Reeves as Wolverine?

They haven't gone to you to play a specific superhero, have they?

No. I think I missed that one. I always wanted to play Wolverine. But I didn't get that. And they have a great Wolverine now. I always wanted to play The Dark Knight. But I didn't get that one. They've had some great Batmans. So now I'm just enjoying them as an audience.



Do you want it to happen?


I'm not convinced.

I can't blame you. We're trying to do it. There's a script. We're trying to get the rights. We're trying to raise the money. We're trying to get a director. It's still early days.

You could direct it.

I'm not going to direct it. I need to focus all of my energy into playing Ted Theodore Logan. He will take everything I have.


"Unforgiven" is one of Reeves' favorite revenge films
"Unforgiven" is one of Reeves' favorite revenge films

What are some of your favorite revenge movies?

Favorite revenge movies... Hmm... Is "Dirty Harry" a revenge movie? There's some psychological revenge. He's working something out. Maybe that's not revenge. But "Kill Bill" is definitely a classic revenge tale. What are some other ones? Hmmm...

So you didn't feel indebted to this sub-genre then?

It's funny, because I always thought of it as avenge or reclaim, which is kind of what revenge is, right? I need to reclaim what was lost. I mean "Unforgiven" is a good one. So that was a part of it but once I got into "John Wick" I was just about John Wick, in the sense of reclaiming what was taken from him -- his life, his moment to grieve. He's walked away from this dark past for love and then these people come along and fucking kill it. He wants his life back. I think people can relate to that.


Has there been any more talk about furthering the adventures of John Wick?

I mean, I guess for me personally I would like to see that character again. I loved playing him. I know the writer has thought about that. But amongst ourselves we haven't spoken about a sequel. It's really up to the audience, so we'll see if they enjoy it. It's original content, too, so it's not like, Let's go back to the John Wick graphic novel.

Where do you want to see John Wick go?

There's this impossible mission spoken about. So you could do a prequel about why John got out of the life. Or why did he get into the life? But for me, if it was in the future, what would get him back into the life? And what would he do? I wouldn't want it to be a revenge story again and I wouldn't want him to do it for money. But I'd be interested if there was something that he couldn't help himself. Maybe he takes advantage of it. Maybe he sees something going wrong or someone comes to him. John Wick's got a sister! I don't know. I don't want to do that. Maybe he could get all weird.


There has been talk of another of your other movies either being remade or a sequel being done. What do you think about the "Point Break" remake?

Good luck, man. Those people have a challenge and an expectation. I think it's cool that people are updating it or making that story their own. It means that the first film has a lot of affection and a classic legacy, which is cool. So to have another time take that and make it their own is great. But good luck. I wish them well.

Would you go see it?

Sure. Yeah. Let's go have a weird Wednesday and go see "Point Break." Is it still going to be called "Point Break"?

I'm sure it'll be called "Point Break."

You've got to update it. You have to make it your own. I just wonder if they'll call it "Point Break: Extreme."

But you already made a great "Point Break."

Yeah, but... You know, they can make another.


Reeves and Oldman in "Bram Stoker's Dracula"
Reeves and Oldman in "Bram Stoker's Dracula"

It's almost Halloween and you have certainly contributed with your performance in "Bram Stoker's Dracula." Looking back on it, what was that whole situation like?

I know that we were struggling to get the hair grey. What else?

What was working with Coppola like?

It was f*cking amazing. We had an amazing experience. There's an opera to it that's amazing. I've seen it a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. I think it holds up. I had an English accent and I know we re-looped it a couple of times. It was an extraordinary time. The whole cast is fantastic.

Do you have any crazy Gary Oldman stories? He was still pretty nuts back then.

He wasn't nuts. That guy is a genius. He's one of the best actors who ever lived; when I met him, and seeing him perform. He's one of the brightest lights, one of the sharpest edges... The guy is a master. Even back then I was inspired.

Yeah, but he was insane.

Insane?! He was playing f*cking Dracula! In a Coppola movie!

Would you return to the horror genre?

Sure. I worked with Eli Roth recently on "Knock Knock," which was fantastic.

Have you seen it?

I have seen a cut of it. It was fantastic.

Is it scary?

It's a little bit scary. It's a home invasion movie. I'm playing this guy who is a husband, father, architect, alone. It's the weekend and knock, knock, I open the door. It's raining. There's two girls. They're in party clothes. "We're lost, can we come in?" They seduce me. We do it. A lot. Then they don't leave in the morning. Then they start to exact a kind of revenge.

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