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Spoiler alert: If you are not caught up to season five, episode two of AMC's The Walking Dead, do not read on!

Has everyone recovered from that shockingly disgusting final scene from last Sunday's episode ("Strangers") of The Walking Dead? Well, I hope you have because I am going to write a bit more about it; specifically, the issue of whether or not Bob Stookey's leg was really tainted with walker blood.

Before the scene in question, Bob was seen outside of St. Sarah's, Father Gabriel's church, which was right after the group had agreed to join Sgt. Abraham Ford on his mission to take Dr. Eugene Porter to Washington D.C.

At first, he was smiling, perhaps at the sight of all his companions enjoying each other's company, which is a rare thing to come by in the zombie apocalypse. Then, he began weeping as he was walking away from the church. Much has been speculated as to why Bob was crying, but the majority of Walking Dead fans believe that it was because he had gotten bitten by the walker that had attacked him at the food bank. As a result, he was most probably going to allow the walker virus to run its course within him, which would obviously kill him, and then reanimate him into a walker.

But, instead of that happening, he was whacked across the head from behind by the same "Termite" Carol and Tyreese had captured during the season premiere. Evidently, Tyreese refused to allow himself to kill that "Termite," even though that "Termite" had his hands around baby Judith's neck, ready to break it. And so, just like that, Bob became Gareth's captive, but not just a captive.

Here is the aforementioned final scene:

Fans have speculated that the leg Gareth and co. chopped off and ate was where the food bank walker had bitten Bob. Therefore, Gareth and co. were eating infected meat, which would be vengeance for Bob. However, the counterargument to this is that Bob could have been bitten, or even scratched, anywhere else. And, if the leg they amputated really was bitten, how did Gareth not notice a bite mark on it?

After giving this much thought, I now firmly believe that Bob's amputated leg had been either bitten, or at least scratched, by that walker. Gareth and his band of misfits have been eating other people for a long time now, a fact we came to learn about during the season premiere. Consequently, because they had been doing this that long with seemingly no ramifications whatsoever, it is perfectly possible that their negligence got the better of them. So, instead of checking to see if Bob had even been touched by a walker on that leg, Gareth and co. just went ahead and did their disgusting thing.

More proof that this is what is actually happening lies within Comic-Con's season five trailer for this amazing show. Take another close look at it:

Did you notice the choice Gareth seemingly gave Rick and his group? He wants to join them on their trip to Washington, or rather, he wants them to join his group of cannibals. As of right now, there is only one good reason why Gareth would even contemplate making that kind of journey - he and his cohorts have been infected, and are therefore dying.

Another thing that has been debated amongst viewers is whether or not eating tainted meat would necessarily kill a person. My guess is that it would, mostly because the walker virus seems to be much more lethal when a walker damages a person's skin. Once its tainted blood gets inside a person's body, the effects work kind of like a disease - it makes the person very sick at first, and then it kills him/her. The amount of time that it takes thereafter for a person that has died to reanimate varies, according to Dr. Jenner in the season one finale, "TS-19."

As a result, Gareth and co. would be keenly aware that they are dying, and they would therefore work fast to prevent that. Infiltrating St. Sarah's and forcing Rick and co. to take them to Washington D.C. is one way to do it. I will predict that Gareth does not kill Bob immediately; instead, he uses him as leverage - either Rick agrees to join forces with the "Termites," or Bob dies.

Of course, this is all merely a hypothesis on my part. We will have to wait for episode three, "Four Walls and a Roof," to know what truly happens. It will debut this Sunday, October 26th, so ... DO NOT MISS IT!!!


Was Bob's leg infected?

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