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Now I know we have seen PLENTY of Justice League wish lists all over MoviePilot, but I did NOT stick to usual hopeful castings and chose some NEW people! So here we go, and don’t forget to let me know in the comment section below what you think about my choices!

Batman – Idris Elba

I know what you’re thinking….He’s not white, he’s a black man by the name of Bruce Wayne, Crazy right!? Maybe not, it might actually work. I know Hollywood/DC/WB wouldn’t risk the chance of swapping the capes crusader’s race but if they did!! Idris Elba could totally kill it!

The Joker – Ben Foster

One of my few favorites for the role of The Joker, ben foster would (in my opinion) murder this role! I really loved his bad-ass psycho-ness in Alpha Dog. It may or may not work, but c’mon.. were you one of the few people who thought Heath Ledger would kill his role? Thank you.

Superman – Eric Bana

Now hear me out, I have absolutely no problem with the casting of Henry Cavil as supes, I am just giving my mere opinion. Eric Bana is another actor from the other lists that I have seen that has the look to portray superman.

Doomsday – James Earl Jones

Now I know doomsday is a monster so Jones couldn’t be SEEN, but his voice would be perfect for Doomsday!

Green Lantern – Taylor Kitsch....

Taylor has done wonderful in roles like Lone Survivor, Battleship, Savages, X-Men: Wolverine and John Carter that have showed he has the wits, toughness and acting ability to indeed prove to us what a true Green Lantern should be like ( Sorry Ryan ).


Common has proven himself as a strong actor (Just Wright, Wanted) that he could be a strong force to deal with as the Green Lantern. Plus, who wouldn’t love to finally see John Stewart!

Sinestro – Mark Strong

He did great as sinestro in the Green Lantern flick with Ryan Reynolds!

Aquaman – Charlie Hunnam

The biker bad-ass from Sons of Anarchy himself, Charlie Hunnam would be great as Aquaman. Not only is Hunnam official tough guy (Credit to SOA) he looks very similar to Aquaman! Now I am not taking away anything from Jason Momoa, I love the direction they’re going with Momoa, but they should’ve stuck with a Blonde Hair actor.

Black Manta – Denzel Washington

Originally when I first thought about Black Manta, I thought Will Smith, but I originally wanted him as Black Spider for the Suicide Squad film, check the article Here!

Anyways, Denzel has proved time and time again that he has the moves and fighting ability and bas side (Training day, Man on Fire, The Equalizer). Also, there’s no need to question Washington’s acting ability.

The Flash – Bradley Cooper

Yea yea, I know he’s the VOICE of Rocket Raccoon.. but he’s only the VOICE! I thought it was rumored years ago that Bradley Cooper was going to portray The Flash but I guess that’s out of the window now?

Gorilla Grodd – Andy Serkis

He is the king of Motion Capturing Apes! LOL

Well that is it. As you can see I left out Wonder Woman, only because there really isn’t any other actress I care for the role. Cyborg, because I don’t care much for him much either & Ray Fisher seems legit. Martian Man hunter because we all know Benedict Cumberbatch should play him!

Let me know what you think about my wish list for the Justice League and their Villains in the comments section below!


So what do you think of my choice of casting? Choose an answer below and explain why in the comment section!


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