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Barring the fact that somebody at Marvel might need a new resume pretty soon: Get excited, folks! The AGE OF ULTRON trailer is here, a week in advance! In case you missed it:

While the internet continues to freak out, I've decided to put together this full breakdown on it - and the special things I spotted while I watched! Buckle up, buttercup, we're going for a ride.

Bruce is Losing It

Throughout the trailer, Bruce Banner seems to be shivering, sick, and losing control over his body to the creature he very often refers to as "that other guy" -- The Hulk. P.S. Can we talk about how much Mark Ruffalo looks like Lou Ferrigno in this shot? He was cast for a reason, you guys.

And That's Where The Hulkbuster Comes In

One of the most highly anticipated aspects of this movie, for a long time, has been the debut of the Hulkbuster armor - and if the toy line has anything to say about it, this thing's gonna be massive. But then there's...

Black Widow and The Hulk

While I'm really not into the idea of Hawkeye and Mockingbird shacking up in the movies (they're at the top of my Absolute Most Boring Comic Couple Ever list, but that is just my opinion), it seems like Natasha's bond with The Hulk is more than just a fight scene where she tries to calm him again. She's seen in Avengers tower touching his arm as Ultron confronts them, as well. This relationship has been floating around the rumor mill for a little while and even Mark Ruffalo spoke about it, so could it be Natasha that brings Bruce back instead of the Hulkbuster armor?

The Police are Shooting Up a Comic Book Store?

Well, not really -- they're shooting at the balconies above it, which contain innocent people who duck for cover. What's their aim here? Are they mind-controlled or just tired of leaving all the fighting to the Avengers, who seem to be failing left and right? And...might the government involvement be the thing that pushes Steve Rogers to break from The Avengers and form his own team?

Cap's Flashback?

Doesn't this scene look familiar to you? It should, because it harkens back to a certain event in The First Avenger. During [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973), Steve reminds his former love, Peggy Carter, of the dance they still owe each other. What's more, this scene has already been reported in leaks before, and it involves Vision, too. More on that below.


Our very first look at Ultron up-close, in motion, provides a look at the incredible details on his design and- okay, look, I'm flipping out about James Spader and I can't contain myself anymore. His dialogue is absolutely haunting, and he was made to voice Ultron. Holy, holy, holy crap. A lot of people have spoke out in protest of his characterization, but what we need to remember here is that it's a trailer, and we're not going to get the depth of Ultron's independent thinking or motives in 2 minutes. He's not that 2-dimensional of a character.

Thor is REALLY MAD at Tony

... and next to Cap, he's probably the most likely to lash out against Tony for the chaos that Ultron brings. But maybe there's more to this: Theories have it that Thor might not have as tight of a grasp on Mjolnir as he usually does (which, if Cap lifting the hammer in that Comic-Con scene means anything, well...) and an easy way to upset the usually jovial Thor is to hit him where it hurts - Jane Foster, who is apparently now dating that guy from the IT Crowd. Natalie Portman is confirmed for the new film, so it wouldn't be far-fetched to think that Jane will be put in mortal danger again.

Either way, we know for certain that there's going to be a huge rift in the team - and we're all pretty sure now that Alisha was completely right when she said Marvel ain't 'fraid of no Civil War.

Cap's Broken Shield

A now-iconic image thanks to various posters and Marvel's San Diego Comic Con presence, we're given a look at Captain America's broken shield, as Thor's arm dangles limp above it. If anything, folks, we're going to Wakanda after this movie, and I have a feeling we're not going to see Thor sticking around with the Avengers for much longer.

Even More Strange Flashbacks

Pietro and Wanda are said to be from Romania, where ballet has been known to be fairly popular, but since we've been told before that we're going to find out a lot more about Black Widow over the course of this film, I wouldn't be surprised if this was a look at her life before. In fact, along with Cap, I have a feeling Vision will be opening up the pasts of many Avengers in this film.

Natasha's New Ride

The bike and her new TRON-like suit were highlighted in several articles earlier this year, so it's nice to see Marvel didn't skimp on the action for Natasha. Like I said before, she's going to play a pivotal role in this film and we're going to learn a whole lot more about her - which pretty much reassures this fangirl that we're going to see a Natasha standalone film sooner rather than later.

The Twins' Origins

Right off the bat, we're given a pretty clear look at that the twins looked like before they underwent the changes at Von Strucker's lab that made them into the superpowered forces they are today. Looks like they were protesters, or rebellious kids caught in a fray that they couldn't control. Since their entire backstory is being revamped, I'm interested to see what's going to become of the twins, especially Quicksilver.

While Wanda seems stellar already, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has a rival in the show-stealing performance of Evan Peters in [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) ... one that's already been confirmed for an encore, and has led fans to ask for a solo spinoff film starring the speedster. What an act to follow!

Who is this tattooed person?

I'm wondering who THIS character is with all the tattoos and body mods. I'd call this the return of Vanko, but I highly doubt a psychopath like him would duck for cover like this - and he appears to be much smaller than Mickey Rourke. Your guesses are muchly appreciated, because I'm stumped, and I know Marvel wouldn't include such an impactful-looking design in one character shot for the trailer if that didn't mean someone big was coming.

Andy Serkis is Definitely Not Just Mocapping

While Kit's already made a major guess on Andy Serkis' character being The Klaw (which makes sense, because Wakanda), it's interesting that this is the first time Marvel has basically confirmed that the legendary Andy Serkis will be doing more in Age of Ultron than simply helping Mark Ruffalo with mocap work for The Hulk, which is pretty much the only thing that's been reported up to this point. If he is Ulysses Klaw, does this mean [Black Panther](movie:9047) is on the way?

Scenes We've Seen During Shooting

This particular scene was being filmed in Italy a little while ago (here's a clip), and also includes Hawkeye. Will our suped-up espionage birdie witness Scarlet Witch's powers first-hand - and more importantly, will he survive?

Hulkbuster VS. The Hulk

Probably the most highly anticipated superhero fight scene this decade (Sorry, [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)), we finally get to see the Hulkbuster VS. The Hulk, who is completely out of control. It's said that this movie will end with the Hulk being launched into outer space, so could this absolutely be it for Bruce's mentality, and can the Hulkbuster armor really take him out?


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