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Today on my dig through the interwebs gold mine to find the best fan-created loveliness, I found a real gem! I was wowed by Hannah Alexander's art - in particular, their art deco, 50's-pinup inspired Disney Princess line. I have a soft spot for digital art made to look like physical paintings, and while this isn't as textured and traditional-feeling as others I've seen, the inspiration is clearly a gorgeous blast from the past.

You can also pick them up as prints here at the artist's shop. I know I'd love to have one of these on my wall!

What makes this series really unique in my eyes is the thought behind it - the flowers included in each piece are specifically chosen to reflect each princess and her personal traits and story.

On her official deviantART, the artist has a lot to say about her thoughts behind this series:

So, I've been obsessed with Alphonse Mucha and 50's Pin Up recently, and this is the result. I may do more. It's certainly a style I could get used to!

She goes on to describe her choices for many of the flowers included in the princesses' individual pieces, and the symbolic meanings behind them:

I chose to surround Ariel with Lotus flowers because they represent rebirth. I wanted the whole thing to come out bluer but green just came about naturally. I guess it makes sense, considering the rebirth theme anyway.
Snow White - Flowers are: Freesia for innocence, lilies for purity and monkshood (which are poisonous) for caution.
Belle - peach blossom means 'I am your captive' which can apply to a lot of things regarding Belle's story. Lupine means 'imagination'
Rapunzel - Flowers are: Mallow - sweetness, Camellia - longing, White Heather - wishes come true/protection

These are so great, I really can't pick a favorite. Enjoy the rest of the series!


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