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Today's cosplay feature brings a unique twist on a well-known character and costume design - Ballerina Wonder Woman, created and cosplayed by Liana Hee!

Now, before anybody goes "aww, they took Wonder Woman and made her all fluffy and wimpy," let me just say, ballet dancers are hardcore. Seriously hardcore. You wouldn't believe the dedication, discipline and pain that goes into perfecting this demanding art, keeping every muscle precisely positioned and engaged, while making it look effortless and floaty. I think Wonder Woman would be proud and flattered that her image would be associated with such badassery.

Another part of this project I find especially cool is that Hee is also a traditional artist - like with watercolors on paper. This concept started out as a drawing, which is at the bottom of this article, and you can check out more of her 2D art at her official store.

Now let's hear from the artist herself, and her thought process behind the costume's inspiration and execution:

Last year for San Diego Comic Con I did cosplay for the first time and it was def an interesting experience.
It all started when I painted a couple of mini ballerina WonderWomans for fun and after I finished, I thought it would be pretty cool to actually make a real costume based off my painting.

I’ve been dancing ballet for most of my life and it was very important for me to make this costume look legit as if I could dance right on stage with it! :)
I ordered a custom ballet bodice and sewed on notions from Britex Fabrics in SF. I ordered an inexpensive fluffy tutu off Etsy and sewed star notions on the fabric. A gold rope tassel made my “lasso of truth,” I dyed a pair of my old pointe shoes red and switched out my pink satin ribbons for some awesome red and metallic silver ones! My bulletproof bracelets are doubled silver on gold filigree cuffs from Forever 21 and I hot glued another star notion to that. I chose my favorite tiara off a store on Amazon and sewed another red star notion to complete my costume.

And here's the picture that started it all. Thank you, Liana Hee, for this original and beautiful cosplay!


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