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So here's a real treat - this time on my delve into the interwebs looking for the best and coolest cosplay treats for y'all to feast your eyes upon, I found something really cool. Today I'd like to feature Major Sam, an Australian cosplay artist active since 2011, who's got a growing collection of amazing work.

She's got a ton of neat shoots - but the one that caught my eye (and, I'm sure, all of you) is her day as classic, adored character Jessica Rabbit, of Who Framed Roger Rabbit fame. (Below photo by Lorenzo So Photography.)

Photo by Lorenzo So Photography
Photo by Lorenzo So Photography

Now, obviously Major Sam is gorgeous and has the presence and charisma to pull it off, but I'd like to look beyond the superficial and pay some credit to the work and dedication that goes into artful cosplay like this (and it IS an art form that takes work and needs respect!). From the gorgeous dress and gloves to the on-point makeup and hair, the visuals here are great - and I'm loving the attitude and expression Major Sam brings to complete the transformation.

That's all of the Jessica Rabbit images I could find, but enjoy some other picks from Major Sam's gallery of cosplay awesomeness!


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