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Frederick FatherChocolate Crew

When I saw this trailer I was like a girl at her Sweet Sixteen!!!!!

What will the Avengers be after this?

This was the first movie.
This was the first movie.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron is 2 years after Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Chris Evans said they hit the ground running so, I'd imagine they'll show them being a team in those two years similar to how they showed Cap and his Howling Commandos in the first movie. However, this could go one of two ways. One will be more likely than the other, as you will be able to see.

Alfa (That's how my corps spells it so that's how I spell it): The Avengers are torn apart, broken and angry at Stark for creating Ultron. As seen in the trailer Thor was choking him and nobody stopped him. This will cause the team to go separate ways.

Bravo: Or this could bring the team closer and they come out stronger and anyone who faces them will be sorry. (I hope Guardians of the Galaxy 2 increases the danger in this capacity as well). As seen in the trailer, Bruce Banner is broken. The team is in the Quinjet with him, they are all however distant, but together.

Biggest wtf of this trailer is definitely Thor dropping his hammer in front of the Avengers at the sight of a bunch of Ultron drones. Like fo real doe!!??


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