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Marvel vs Hydra... Kind of...

Today, Wednesday, October 22, 2014, has been quite a day at Marvel. Many things have happened in the past few hours and here is a quick rundown.

Trailer Leak on Tumblr!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Marvel Studios was hacked, by whom I do not know. Marvel was originally set to release the trailer on Tuesday, but now that's screwed! I would show you the link, but...

Marvel Removed It Quickly!!

Not 3 hours after the leak, Marvel removed the video from the source link. It's almost as if they knew about it the whole time.... Nah!! It was probably...

Hydra Was Involved????

After the removal of said video link, Marvel tweeted this

So I guess Baron Von Strucker is trying to get more publicity of his big screen time! But the next thing that Marvel released...

New Teaser Poster!!

Almost immediately after the removal of the link, Marvel teased fans with the following poster:

Age of Ultron Official Teaser Poster
Age of Ultron Official Teaser Poster

It's pretty Friggin' cool! (Sorry, got a little informal there, my apologies). And Marvel STILL wasn't done...

Official Trailer Release!!!

Marvel officially released the full 2:15 of gloriousness (Sorry, got off track again). Here's the official full 1080 HD Video.

I've already downloaded it and seen it a couple million times. Don't forget to follow Catrina Dennis and Alisha Grauso for more, and as always, Don't forget to Subscr-er I mean Follow!


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