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So the internet surprised us just hours ago with a first, full-length trailer of the much anticipated follow up to the most successful movie of all time; Avengers: Age of Ultron.

And it has everything! Brooding villain James Spader in all his awesomeness.

Hulkbuster armored Iron Man vs. the Green Machine himself, Hulk!

We get a "quick" shot of Quicksilver, Scarlett Johansson jumping a motorcycle out of a SHIELD ship, Captain America's broken shield?? (I thought that was indestructible?) and Thor picking up Tony Stark by the throat.

So much going on! What should we make of all this?

Well, I can tell right off the bat that the stakes in this film are going to blow all other Marvel Studios movies up to this point completely out of the water. I mean, all of humanity is being threatened by James Spader in robot form, an INTELLIGENT robot none the less, who seems to be upgrading himself in a villainously mechanical way and it's SCARY to say the least. If he's the reason Cap's shield ends up cracked in half, I'd want to steer clear of Ultron.

Also, a quick look at Andy Serkis! He's known mostly for his role in the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit for portraying Gollum, and has made a rap for himself as a mostly motion-capture guy. But as we see in the trailer, he has given up the skintight dot suit and exchanged it with a beard and mustache. Who will he be?

And to top it all off, we have Nick Fury back, and he has a new eye patch. Hope he plays a big part in the movie! I think we all loved him in Cap 2.

So tell me your thoughts about the trailer! I've heard from both sides that it's either underwhelming (seriously??) and also more than anyone was hoping in the first place. I agree with the latter!

Avengers: Age of Ultron opens April 2015.


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