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We knew that we were supposed to get a real look at The Avengers: Age of Ultron right before Interstellar (which I am honestly more excited for). We knew that we'd get a glimpse at the famed Hulkbuster armor, and even a peek at the big baddie himself.

What we didn't know is that someone out there would decide to be a terrible person, steal the trailer, and put it online. To that person, I say thank you. Thank you very much.

Unfortunately, that genius didn't put it on Youtube, and as a result all I can give you is a link.

There, watch in all of its glory.

But seriously now, this means a couple of things. First of all:

"I'm Going to Show You Something Beautiful."

Something beautiful like this image?
Something beautiful like this image?

This is the first spoken dialogue in the trailer, and it tells us a couple things. Firstly, James Spader will be perfect as Ultron. What a menacing voice, as well as a seriously ominous line of dialogue. Secondly, Ultron is seriously evil. He talks about people screaming for mercy as something beautiful. This guy is messed up.

Tony Looks Perturbed

Tony looks quite disturbed here. What could be so vexing that causes him to make that face?

"You're All Puppets, Tangled in Strings... Strings... Strings..."

Oh. Maybe that.
I don't know about you, but it seems to me like, with all the rumors flying around of Tony Stark creating Ultron, it seems to me as if the creation therein may be accidental. Look at that crude craftsmanship. There's no way Stark, with all his resources, would design something that shoddy-looking. That being said, it looks like Ultron may have found a way to create himself, as weird as that sounds. What's even more eerie is that he seems to be using the image of Iron Man as sort of a mockery, like wearing a Halloween mask of someone you hate.

Ultron Seems to Have the Avengers in a Bind.

Whatever Ultron turns out to be, it's pretty clear that he's giving the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes a run for their money. What else could have the Hulk clawing across the ground?

Yeah, definitely him. However, he seems more soundly constructed here than he was before. Maybe that's because...

Hail Hydra?

Okay, we've known for a while that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were going to make an appearance in this film, especially in the post-credits scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But we knew at that moment that the twins were being contained by Hydra in preparation for something big. Of course, they cut away before we got to the good stuff. But to see the twins working with/for Ultron in some way... does this indicate the presence of Hydra in the workings of Ultron?

Sorry, I Meant Ultrons.

Okay, so this screencap isn't that great, sue me (unless you're Disney, then please don't). But in this picture, I am counting five full Ultrons, the foot of a fifth and the leg of a sixth. Plus, if you keep watching the trailer, there are a bunch more. What exactly is going on here? Could it have something to do with those character posters we saw a while back?

"This is the End... The End of the Path I Started Us On."

So it's clear from this line that Tony knows his role in this. He's accepting responsibility. Now the question is, for what? Is it just Ultron? Or is he confronting the larger symbolic issue, about how heroes create their villains? Is he saying that the existence of Iron Man started something bigger than he could have imagined?


Oh my goodness. I just can't handle it. So majestic, it's like seeing the face of God.

He's going to do it. He's going to fight the Hulk! Wait... but why?

They're Not the Only Avengers Fighting Each Other.

Seems to me like Quicksilver is blind-siding an Ultron. While this looks to me like Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch are going to come around to the good guys (if they are indeed working with the bad guys), I'm still legitimately interested/confused.

And finally...


"There are no strings on me."

Okay. I am convinced. This movie is going to kick arse.

Of course, this trailer leak could be seen as both a great thing, and a terrible thing by Disney, Marvel and co. On the one hand, it's free publicity; the trailer is exploding. On the other hand, this leak represents a hole in their security. Joss Whedon has taken insane measures to try and let as little as possible out about this movie. And this, coming out before it was supposed to, doesn't help his cause. However, the company dealt with the leak in the best way possible:

This whole thing is awesome. Lots of images, lots of questions. And lots of excitement. As tired as I am of Superhero movies, I am going to give this one a go.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron releases in the U.S. on May 1st,


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