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Now that the first official trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron has hit the web, I gotta talk about the Marvel villains here. And I don't just mean the Marvel Cinematic Universe villains, but every Marvel movie villain I have seen over the years.

Now back when it all started for me, I started to watch Marvel films with the X-Men franchise and the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy growing up. I have loved the first two films of those franchises but didn't really like the third installments of those films. And the villains in the X-Men films were Magneto, William Stryker, Dark Phoenix, Sebastian Shaw, Silver Samurai and Bolivar Trask. Raimi's Spider-Man had Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus (my favorite of the Spidey villains), Sandman, New Goblin and Venom while the Marc Webb Amazing Spider-Man franchise has Lizard, Electro, Green Goblin (Harry Osborn) and Rhino (briefly). But it was in those films for Spider-Man that Dr. Octopus has been and always will be my favorite of those Spider-Man villains. And Magneto tops my favorite X-Men villain while all the others were in the middle back then.

Then over the years we had some shitty (and not too shitty) villains from Dr. Doom (Fantastic Four 2005-07 series), Kingpin and Bullseye (Daredevil), Mephistopheles and Blackheart (Ghost Rider) among others.

Fast forward several years later to 2008 starting with Iron Man, we have gotten some really unforgettable (and yet unmemorable) villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from Obadiah Stane (Iron Man) to Loki (Thor; The Avengers) to Alexander Pierce (Captain America: The Winter Soldier). But there were a few villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that I wished they would have made better such as the Mandarin (Iron Man 3) for just being Ben Kingsley doing some sinister motives instead of just making him a confused actor. But it worked with Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian.

Now we have come to what may be considered Marvel's biggest and yet nastiest villain ever!! And that is none other than Ultron himself, who is to be the main antagonist in Avengers: Age of Ultron set to hit theaters in May 2015.

And I believe that Marvel will bring their biggest bad guy to the screen in a way that will totally work against the current roster of Avengers and for those upcoming in the future. I totally have faith that Marvel will pull this villain off just like they did back in the spring with Alexander Pierce in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and with Loki in Thor, The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World. Now Ultron is not only a new villain. But he may be considered a brand new type of movie villain in general!!!!

So what are your thoughts about Ultron? What do you think about him? Let me know down below.


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