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(Now, I'm guessing you've already seen the newly released trailer for The Avengers: Age of Ultron. If so, you can safely skip this imminent video, and keep on going down the page for a look at some of the massive plot and character teases that the trailer is hiding. Or, 'yknow, watch it again, because let's be honest - it's awesome. If you haven't seen it, though, get ready to be absolutely blown away- and then get yourself psyched up for a whole lot of awesome - including a hint at just where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading... Watch away, and enjoy!)

Yeah. I know, right?


We'll be bringing you a full, exhaustive trailer breakdown later today - because there's just. So. that thing - but in the meantime, there are a five massive teases hidden away in there that we just couldn't wait to share with you.

For instance...

1. Andy Serkis is Totally Playing a Classic Marvel Villain

Specifically, Ulysses Klaw, otherwise known as this guy...

An old school Marvel villain, composed (as the picture above suggests) entirely of solid sound - who just so happens to have some major involvement in the origins of the Black Panther. Don't see the connection quite yet? Well, Klaw didn't always look like that. Back in his first appearances, he looked like this...

So, what do you want to bet we're about to see the origin story of a villain perfectly designed to appear in a Black Panther solo outing - and possibly even the Black Panther, too...After all, who better than Andy Serkis to take on a future, CGI-ified Klaw?

2. Civil War is Definitely Coming

And when we say coming - we mean the Avengers are clearly already being ripped apart at the seams. Sure, we already basically know that Civil War is coming, but from the looks of things, its beginnings are going to be here a heck of a lot sooner...

...than we originally thought.

Suddenly those rumors that the Avengers will disband at the movie's close seem a whole lot more likely...

3. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are Going to be...Complicated

As in, it sure does look like Ultron is the one who rescues them from Baron Von Strucker's castle, rather than the Avengers. Which means that there'll most likely be one heck of a character arc for the twins between their rescue, and what looks a whole lot like Quicksilver saving Cap's butt...

So, not so much of the fan-angering Hawkeye-style character neutering this time around, then...

4. Someone Special Might Just Be Returning (or Arriving)

Now, this one is a whole lot less clear than the others - with the Avengers (and Rhodey) all gathering on the top of Stark tower to watch something, full of concern. The two women with brown hair that we can see, though, aren't all that obviously identifiable. Presumably one of them is Cobie Smulder's Maria Hill, standing next to Cap in the red dress...

But the other?

Well, there're two people my mind heads straight to. Either it's Natalie Portman's Jane Foster - seeing as presumably our mystery figure is the woman standing next to Thor, or...

...she might just be a certain Ms. Marvel, cunningly disguised with brown hair.

Seeing as Rhodey's there - could she even be an Air Force friend of his, who he's brought along as Stark's new military liaison?

5. Thor Might Just Be About to Change...Forever

On first viewing, it might not seem all that obvious, but when you watch the trailer over and over again (as the entire Moviepilot team already have, because...Avengers) you start to notice something's...a little off.

Specifically, where the heck is Thor's hammer?

Could the God of Thunder have, somehow, been dispossessed of his trusty enemy-pounding sidekick? Say, through Ultron having somehow found a way to steal it away - or Loki, newly enthroned in Asgard, having made Thor somehow 'unworthy' of possessing it?

Either way, if true, Thor 3 suddenly sounds like a very different proposition entirely...

What do you guys think, though - what part of [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035)'s new trailer are you most excited about?


Favorite part of the trailer?



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