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After the shocking end of episode 2, the next episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) cannot come soon enough. Luckily for us, the worldwide popularity of the show means that we've got access to three international promos for the third episode of the latest season: "Four Walls and a Roof," and let me tell you, it looks intense.

Check out the highlights from each:


New Zealand:

It looks like the gang has become increasingly suspicious of Father Gabriel and his secret

But before Rick can interrogate Father Gabriel any further...

Gareth reveals himself to the gang in the church, leaving them surrounded and trapped inside.

And are left with the ominous line "you don't know what it is to be hungry."

Check out the entire first promo video here:


From Taiwan:

Opens with Sasha saying the group is being watched and three of the gang are missing

Presumably the other two are Daryl and Carol, who didn't have enough time to let anyone know where they were going when they took off to look for Beth.

The remainder of the promo is a mixture of the gang kicking ass outside and inside the church.

Check out the entire second promo video here:


From Spain:

The whole promo is Sasha outside the church searching for Bob, but we see that mysterious tree carving from episode two again:

Watch the entire third promo here:


It seems like all the promos are leading up for a showdown episode between Gareth and the hunters, and Rick and the gang, and if we're lucky, we might learn a little of Father Gabriel's mysterious secret. oI cannot wait!


Will you be tuning in for The Walking Dead episode 3?

Source: Comicbook, YouTube


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