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As a child who spent more time reading than doing anything that might go on to make me a well-adjusted citizen, I could really relate to Bastian Bux, the kid from The NeverEnding Story.

Bastian was a fearless dreamer who showed us that nerds could ride awesome mythical creatures, too:


The NeverEnding Story was the most epic thing pretty much ever when it was released in 1984. Bastian was played by Barret Oliver, a cute kid from L.A. with a bowl cut and wisdom beyond his years, like in this bizarre interview on German TV where he sits on top of a giant slug:

What a cutie. After the huge success of the movie, Oliver was predicted to become the next big child star - and maybe even carry on his fame into adulthood.

But after a few roles in Cocoon, The Secret Garden, and 1989's Scene From the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills, the adorable Barret vanished off the face of the earth without warning.

Where Did Barret Go?

There were suspicions that he had become addicted to drugs, and it was also reported that he had become heavily involved in his mother's Scientology crede and married at 19.

The only concrete news came in 2004, when his iMDB page was updated to say that he was teaching photography in L.A. and was a practitioner of a photography method called the Woodburytype. He even wrote a book about it, which you can buy for $3,000 dollars on Amazon.

But the most burning question is, of course, how that little cherub face has aged. Through the power of the internet, we've managed to dig up a photo. And folks...brace yourselves.

Barret Now

Yup, that's him. Really. If you want further proof of Barret's transformation into a much nicer Charles Manson, you can see him taking a Woodburytype in this video:

Barret continues to exhibit and work in L.A., though he's hard to track down. His personal website no longer exists, but he does have a pretty active fan page. I'm guessing any further updates will be available there.

Whatever he's up to now, we're just happy that Barret's particular story - while it may not be "never ending" - is a fairly happy one.

Here's to you, Barret!

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Did you love The NeverEnding Story as much as I did?


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