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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Screenwriting prodigy Max Landis has recently graced the interwebs with his ten year old take on the lore of Super Mario World, after uploading his 436 page (whaat?!) ode to Nintendo's titular hero and his world of colorful characters.

Based on the seminal Super Nintendo game of the same title, first released in Japan at the wintery end of 1990, Landis unleashed his mammoth script simply as a joke. Even stopping to contemplate the reasoning behind the sheer volume of the script in its hilarious foreword. Citing the concept of Mario as "an exploration", or better yet "a writer exploring their own limits", it seems to me as if Landis is a writer who believes the (Super Mario) Galaxy is only the tip of the iceberg.

Awesome Art Is Awesome

Along the way, Landis managed to recruit artist Darren Calvert to etch out some concept art for his vision of the inhabitants of Mushroom Kingdom, and, man, do they look badass or DO THEY LOOK BAD. ASS?!

Donkey Kong

He doesn't barrel up his rage.
He doesn't barrel up his rage.

This is an awesome throwback to DK's days spent lobbing barrels at Mario's past incarnation Jumpman. He is rather neat for such an angry ape, I mean look at that pristine tie!

Bullet Bill

Cape Feather Mario V Mecha Bill: Dawn Of Busted Controllers
Cape Feather Mario V Mecha Bill: Dawn Of Busted Controllers

This robo version of Bullet Bill is super intense. Like it's not enough having a giant, sentient bullet chase you about, this one will attempt to chew you up and poop out a novelty Mario meal!

Mushroom Villager

Old Man Toadstool
Old Man Toadstool

Naww, what a lovely old soul! Mushroom Villager, or Old Toad as I like to call him, is a cute re-imagining of the little legend. Kinda worried about his smoking habit though. He could be burning a distant relative or something.

Shy Guy


With its iconic mask stuck in a look of perpetual surprise, it came as a huge one to me to finally see what resides behind it! This lithe monstrosity, with a face like a homage to Picasso and Nosferatu, would've definitely been a welcomed realization of the Shy Guy.

And last but by no means least...

Goomba and Koopa Troopa


Look at this sinister duo, all sinewy and grotesque! All the time spent endlessly wandering the many corners of the Mushroom Kingdom has got them looking pretty hench! Goomba, evidently grown weary of cracking mirrors, has let itself go a bit! Come on mate, trim them brows, yeah?

Landis may have turned his Super Mario World into a pretty funny in-joke online, but the great concept art on display makes me wish that his idea, or at least an imagining with Calvert involved, would've come to fruition.



Which Calvertian concept would you most liked to have seen on the silver screen?


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