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Before you read this post, if you haven't yet seen my original post about the chilling story supposedly written by a child about her imaginary friend called Lisa, click here.

The Story of Lisa

We were all terrified by the tale of Lisa. It had disappearing teachers, neglectful parents and a strange little girl who watched on passively as her imaginary friend just got creepier.

But despite endless speculation about the source of the story, no one could figure out just where the horror started. That is.. until now.

The Truth

In a blogpost, artist Sunny Schreiner has revealed everything we wanted to know. Schreiner was just 19 when she decided to write the story that would become one of the internet's biggest mysteries:

I was looking around the store one day, bored, when I came across this preschool notebook like we always had in elementary school. Being a huge fan of dark and creepy things, I started thinking “What’s the creepiest thing I could do with this?” So I bought it (along with a package of 96 crayons), brought it home, and went to work.

Schreiner completed the story and forgot about it. It wasn't until she found it years later in her mom's house that she changed her mind:

Someone convinced me to upload it to the paranormal board of 4chan. I was kind of apprehensive to do, since the people who spend time on that website are… questionable, at best. But I ended up doing it (uploading it to my DeviantART the same night).

When she saw the huge response, she knew she was onto something:

I spent a good hour just reading through all the comments, and so many people were terrified by it, saying they’d be having a difficult time getting to sleep, or that they were worried for their own children. Since then, it’s been on 9gag, Reddit, Imgur, and FEARnet, and I’m constantly getting questions from people asking me if it’s real.

She just tells them "believe what you want to believe":

There are some people who want to believe that it’s real; to believe that there is something out there bigger than what we have come to understand, and even if my story is just a work of fiction, who am I to crush their hopes?

A Dramatic Ending

But the story just gets crazier. Not only is Sunny's story one of the most shared on the internet, it went so viral that it caught the eye of Hollywood. Now, a production company has contacted her about making a movie:

They expressed interest in Lisa’s potential as a motion picture and have paired me with a screenwriter who is currently working together with me on this project.

Sunny says she doesn't know if or when the movie will happen, but it's still an incredible result for a young artist with a great imagination.

Maybe one day we'll get to see Lisa on the big screen. Until then, you can check out more of Sunny's artwork here and here.

(Source: Popcorn Horror)


Are you still spooked by Lisa now that you know the truth?


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