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With Halloween approaching, there is no doubt that over the coming weeks we'll be bombarded with hundreds of people dressed as classic Disney characters - and I love it! But with so many films, TV shows and rides, Disney is a veritable gold mine of costume ideas... so why just stop at the classics? Why not dress up as one of the many other amazing Disney characters?

Check out these brilliant costumes of some of the lesser known Disney characters:


1. Gadget

You might remember the title characters from Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, but you might not remember Gadget Hackwrench. Gadget was a cute mouse who was also the team's pilot, mechanic, and inventor! What a cool character.


2. Kronk and Yzma

From that amazing scene in the 2000 film The Emperor's New Groove when Kuzco and Pacha try to out run Yzma and Kronk. The best part about this costume was that it was worn during a running race held at Disneyland.


3. The Hatbox Ghost

We recently wrote about our friend the Hatbox Ghost and here he is, haunting us again! The Hatbox Ghost was an original spook from The Haunted Mansion ride but was decommissioned just months after the ride opened due to his special effects not working as intended, despite this, he obviously still lives on in the hearts of some!


4. Condorman

This costume is a show of all-round commitment because, firstly and most obviously: the costume is enormous! And secondly, Condorman is an obscure live-action film starring Michael Crawford and released by Walt Disney Productions in 1981.


5. George and Meg

This is the perfect costume for any couples looking to out-cute all other couples! It may only be a short six minute film, but Paperman won an Oscar award and marked a whole new type of animation, blending both hand-drawn and computer animation to stunning effect.


6. Sid

You might remember Sid from the original Toy Story, but did you catch his cameo in Toy Story 3? Sid appeared in the last Toy Story movie all grown up and working as a garbage man, and looks exactly like this costume!


7. Alice Bluebonnet and Johnny Fedora

From the 1946 Make Mine Music, Alice and Johnny were two hats who met and fell in love in the window of a department store. Unfortunately, Alice and Johnny were sold separately and instead can only hope that one day they find each other again, and I guess they have!


8. Captain Amelia

From the underrated 2002 film, Treasure Planet, Captain Amelia (voiced by the amazing Emma Thompson) is a strong leader and hero, definitely a great choice for a costume!


That was hard, but I recognized a couple! Did you recognize any of the more obscure Disney characters in these costumes?


How many characters did you recognize?

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