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Ever since [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) was first announced, we have seen any number of plot leaks, costume reveals, spoilers & set photos - but there has still been no answer to the one fundamental question above the movie: Who will win in the battle between DC's two most famous heroes?

Batman vs Superman: The Fight is ON!

Now, it is generally assumed that when these two heroes clash, it will be Superman who gets the upper hand. After all, Superman is an flying, super strong alien with laser beam eyes, freeze-breath, x-ray vision and the world's best hearing. Batman, on the other hand, is just some rich guy. So is it possible for the Dark Knight to fight and win against the [Man of Steel](movie:15593)? And if so, how?

Armor Suit & Kryptonite Arrow

Batman vs Superman has already taken several elements from Frank Miller's legendary comic, The Dark Knight Returns. There is the armored batmobile, the fact that the movie will feature an older Bruce Wayne, and or course, we have already seen Batman in his heavy duty armor in the leaked trailer.

Batman's heavy armor in Batman vs Superman!
Batman's heavy armor in Batman vs Superman!

So does this mean that Batman's route to defeating Superman will be the same as in the comic? In The Dark Knight Returns, of course, Batman manages to take down Superman with the help of a Kryptonite infused arrow, fired at the right moment. As he says in this video, making the arrow "took years & cost a fortune, luckily I had both" - which bring us on to our next point

Bruce Wayne is a multi-billionaire!

Superman, or Clark Kent, is essentially a small town farm boy. Bruce Wayne, on the other hand, is the billionaire head of Wayne Enterprises, an arms company.

What this means is, Batman has an almost unlimited supply of gadgets, weapons and vehicles he can use in his battle against Superman. Batman can afford to synthesize kryptonite, build an armored suit, have a batmobile & batplane & batcave. There is a lot more to Batman than his utility belt!

Wayne Enterprises: They even make satellites!
Wayne Enterprises: They even make satellites!

Wonder Woman: Ally of Batman?

Another potential tactic Batman could use to defeat Superman is to bring in an ally to assist him in his fight. It is Green [Arrow](series:720988), in The Dark Knight Returns, who makes the crucial invention in their fight. Could Wonder Woman play a similar role in Batman vs Superman?

Last week, pictures emerged of Wonder Woman's home of Themyscira being built in the desert of New Mexico, which means that she undoubtedly has supernatural origins of her own that make her a rival to Superman.

Themyscira being built for Batman vs Superman
Themyscira being built for Batman vs Superman

In the comics, [Wonder Woman](movie:45787)'s sword can cut Superman. And unlike Batman Wonder Woman has a whole range of supernatural powers. Will Gal Gadot's character team up with Batfleck in order to win the day for Batman?

Red Sunlight, High Pitched Noise

There are other weaknesses of Superman's that Batman could exploit, though they may not be enough to win the day all by themselves. Superman gains his powers from Earth's Yellow Sun - could Batman get hold of some red UV light, and weaken Superman that way?

Superman defeated by red sunlight?
Superman defeated by red sunlight?

Another option is to use Batman's supersonic hearing against him. High pitched noise has been used to weaken Superman in the past. With all Batman's resources, surely a high pitched alarm wouldn't be too much trouble.

So what do you think? Does Batman have any chance of defeating Superman in the Dawn of Justice, or do you think they will not even have time to find a clear winner in their battle before another threat comes along and forces them to rethink their dispute?

Write in with how *you* would have BATMAN defeat SUPERMAN below the line!


How would you have Batman defeat Superman!?


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