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So, here's our weekly installment! While I haven't watched Constantine and I'm not sure if I will, I'll keep this list to just the three that have been on for a little while now. Enjoy! (I also normally post the photo galleries with this, but in truth I'm in a bit of a rush so I'll keep it to just the videos, and redirect you to the incredible KSiteTV, which has all of them.


After last week's exciting introduction to Venom, this week looks to be a more murderous affair, and will hold the answers to the man in the mask who I speculated about quite some time ago. That's what I'm loving about this show: it has unique villains, it has character origins, and has an origin for things as simple as Penguin's Umbrella and the crucial drug Bane will use in the future. It's great. Anyway, here's the trailer for Spirit of the Goat:

The Flash

Safe to say, I keep loving this show and it keeps getting better. Not only that, but next week we see the introduction of one of The Flash's most iconic villains: Captain Cold (headlining the article.) What's more, the fact that the episode also contains Felicity Smoak doubles the excitement, and the fact it's called Going Rogue should set off any Flash fan's excitement. Here's the trailer!


"My father may be the Demon, but your's is the Devil." - we love Nyssa Al Ghul.

Still my favorite of the incredible bunch, only more so after Corto Maltese, which I loved. We'll see Arrow having it's 50th episode next week, and it's going all out. Not only do we see Malcolm Merlyn and Oliver meet again for the first time since series one, and Oliver discovers he's alive, we'll see Thea return, some more incredible stuntwork, some more Laurel becoming Black Canary, and, most excitingly, our first look at Ra's Al Ghul.

The episode is called The Magician, a clear allusion to Merlyn's alternative title in the comics, so we can expect it to be very Merlyn-centric.

Also, as a cool bonus, the CW put out a video showing off some Arrow stunts. Regardless of what the Emmys think, I think it can't be denied, regardless of whether you like the story or actors, which is opinion, Arrow indisputably has some of the best, if not the best, stunts on TV, purely because of the sheer commitment that the stuntmen and choreographers put in and the preference for stunts over CGI. Have a look:

In other words, you have a lot of reasons to be excited.

And as if that wasn't enough, Geoff Johns today revealed that a crossover of the movies and the shows is entirely possible, and indeed, probably likely, at some point in the future. Couple that with the Age of Ultron trailer, and it was a good day to be a comic fan. A great day, actually. (If you're not bent on polarizing them, that is. Love both. Embrace the superhero phenomenon on TV and movies while it lasts.) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Who are you looking forward to seeing most next week?


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